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Connecting The Dots In DC

The Blue State welfare system is cracking up, economic growth is shaky, old institutions and beliefs no longer fit reality, and professional bureaucrats and intellectuals are at a loss about what to do about it; these are important themes that we have been exploring here at Via Meadia.

Robert Samuelson has a smart op-ed in the Washington Post so good along these lines we could have run it ourselves. Congratulations to Samuelson for connecting the dots.

Samuelson won’t be the last to figure out where the data is pointing.  The elite is increasingly concerned about the state of the country: excellent news.

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  • Andy S

    Your link is to “page 2” of the article. Confused me for a minute…

  • Soul

    I wasn’t able to open this link, but recall over the weekend that Samuelson had a nice article about the old blue system no longer being viable that you would have enjoyed.

  • Richard F. Miller


    Question. You frequently refer to the “Blue State model.” Over time and with a little inference, I’ve been able to figure out a few of its contours. But do have have online (or in print) a definitive statement of the Blue State (or, the Red State) model?

  • Mrs. Davis

    Mr. Miller,

    Try this article. Although I like this article so much more on so many levels, though I would have titled it The Great White Fleeting.

  • Luke Lea

    As Oscar Wilde used to say, “My idea of an agreeable person is someone who agrees with me.” 🙂

  • CL

    I think you’ve been dead-on about this, Walter. For the longest time, the question about the Blue State Model was one of ideology. Conservatives didn’t like it for our famous reasons, so we built our own systems in the red states. Texas now has created 40% of new jobs and has returned to its pre-Recession levels of employment, etc. But the math just doesn’t pan out for continuation of current policies. I cannot understand the Krugmans of the world saying we need more (!) blue spending to save the bankrupt Blue Model. Just don’t get it.

  • Richard F. Miller

    Mrs. Davis: Thank you very much. These references hit the spot.

  • Eurydice

    Well, I guess an epiphany’s a good thing, however late in coming. I figured out my degrees in economics were worthless the first day I started my job on Wall Street. It seemed to me the only reason models worked was because everybody wanted them to work. And when it came to predicting behavior in the sovereign market, one was more likely to be successful by studying a country’s language, history and literature than by manipulating equations.

    But never fear, the world will figure out how to work under the new realities and then the economists will follow with a model to explain to us how we did it.

  • Toni

    Reminiscent of the propensity always to fight the last war, not the present one.

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