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July 26, 1788: New York Ratifies The Constitution

Today we celebrate one of the great blogging wins of all time: 223 years ago the great state of New York became the eleventh state to ratify the Constitution.

Almost 200 years before Al Gore invented the internet, the bloggers of those days were forced to use primitive materials; a chemical staining solution was smeared over processed wood waste to create grids of basic alphanumeric symbols that simulate a modern web page.

Despite these handicaps, and the slow transmission required by the primitive information infrastructure of the day (packets of information were actually carried physically from place to place) 18th century bloggers Hamilton, Madison and Jay managed to circulate a series of 85 posts that persuaded public opinion to support the new Constitution.

Known quaintly as the “Federalist Papers” (paper was the name of the wood based analog screens used to display information at the time), the blogs demonstrated the importance of tightly reasoned, lucidly written prose to political success.

Let us hope that 21st century bloggers can do half as well.

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  • cas

    Glad to hear you are such a fan of these pioneer bloggers, and their undisputed accomplishment. I think current denizens of the inteenet can learn some things from their methodology, as well as their lucid and logical arguements…

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