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Poll: Egypt Isn't Turning Into Denmark

Newsweek and the Daily Beast released a poll of Egyptian voters today. A quick look reveals a few noteworthy findings:

– 70 percent of  responders want to amend or cancel the Camp David accords with Israel.

– Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gets significantly higher approval than Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah.

– Only 35% of those polled think a Muslim Brotherhood majority in government would be a bad thing.

These results don’t portend a sudden lurch toward radicalism in Egypt, but neither are they good tidings for the westernized liberals camped out in downtown.  Best forecast remains for a moderately Islamist and, hopefully, somewhat less exorbitantly corrupt Egyptian government that upholds a cold peace with Israel and opposes Iranian influence on realpolitik grounds.   There’s more risk to that forecast on the downside than on the upside.  Egypt is more likely to grow more Islamist than more liberal.

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  • condor211

    Well, look who just caught up!! I’m not a Glenn Beck fan, but I think he’s been saying this exact thing for months now…

  • Kris

    “70 percent of responders want to amend or cancel the Camp David accords with Israel”

    I am surprised that 70% of Egyptians want to give the Sinai back to Israel, but in the spirit of international cooperation, I call on Israel to respect their wishes.

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