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Second Prize: Two Friendship Treaties With Pakistan

Pakistan’s “all-weather” friend might not be so reliable after all.

Here at Via Meadia we’ve highlighted the limits of any future Chinese-Pakistani partnership. Others seem to agree, as this in-depth piece at Foreign Policy shows.

Pakistan wants a sugar daddy to help it against India and during the Cold War the US was willing to play that role.  Islamabad is terrified at the thought of standing on its own against India — but few other powers in the world really care. China is probably part of this Axis of Indifference, so Pakistan’s options are poor.

Confrontation with India is an essential part of the consensus on which the weakening Pakistani state rests; the confrontation is ruinous and unsustainable but Pakistan seems unable to face that reality.  This makes Pakistan something of a strategic wild card; there is no telling what it will do as it staggers around.

Neither China nor the US really want that to happen; US and Chinese interests in Pakistan are not as opposed as Pakistanis might wish.

Forecast: nothing good.  Until Pakistanis embrace a realistic vision for their own future that looks away from competition with India and towards domestic development and prosperity, the country faces external frustration and internal decline.

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