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GOP May Be Blowing 2012

News that Mitt Romney is in a dead heat with President Obama has many Gopsters licking their chops as they contemplate 2012.

Slow down, guys.  While the economy isn’t breaking his way and most voters still don’t like Obamacare, the GOP has big problems too.

The GOP now looks like the party that wants to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.  Voters might acknowledge that something has to be done, but if Christmas must be curtailed, they feel more comfortable if Santa rather than Scrooge makes the cuts.

Scrooge, they fear, will cut deeper than necessary because he thinks cuts are good in themselves.  Santa will feel their pain.

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  • Jack Burden

    I am not sure that will be the math in 2012. I think the perception that without reform, entitlements are doomed, particularly if the economy does not perform, will make actual reform popular. I do not think Obama or Romney would be credible messengers on that. Collapse is scarier that curtailed.

  • Jason Bontrager

    Who was in the lead at this time in 2007? A year is forever in Presidential Elections. Given that it’s looking like Rick Perry is throwing his hat into the ring, Romney’s status right now might well not matter.

    As for cutting the entitlements, I don’t know about the GOP, but *I* certainly want them reduced or abolished. Turn Social Security into a poverty-level-maintenance dole (so retirees and the crippled can’t drop below the poverty level), abolish Medicare altogether, and restrict Medicaid to palliative care. End of deficit!

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