By Alvin Langdon Coburn – NYPL Digital Gallery, Public Domain
A Man for Our Times
Globalization’s Pioneer

Maya Jasanoff’s new book shows us that Joseph Conrad was not just a literary giant of his own times but also a surprisingly good guide to our times.

Published on: March 13, 2018
Jonathan D. T. Ward is the founder of Atlas Organization. Partly inspired by Joseph Conrad, he spent five years in his twenties living and traveling in Russia, China, India, Latin America, and the Middle East, including by cargo ship in the South China Sea and fjords of Patagonia.
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  • Jeff77450

    “…Conrad found fame and financial security mostly in his final years in a country he disliked: the United States.” Why does this not surprise me? I’m continuously amazed at the untold millions who curse Western Civilization & Enlightenment Values in general and America in particular while enjoying the bounty made possible by both, none of which they’d voluntarily give up. They remind me of the petulant teenager who “hates” his/her parents because they won’t give them *everything* and because they impose certain restrictions, mostly intended for the child’s own good—while at the same time taking for granting the food, clothing, shelter, education and health-care provided by their parents.

    But “Colonialism” and “Imperialism” and “slavery” and “Vietnam!!” and “regime change!!” and “interfering with other country’s internal affairs!!” and “the invasion of Iraq!!” I get it, really I do. Just as “great men have great flaws,” but ultimately do more good than harm, net-net, the same is true of Western Civilization and most of its component parts. Every society & civilization has one-or-more shameful chapters in its history. Not every society & civilization has advanced the human race to the extent that Western Civilization, and in particular, Britain and America, has.

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