The Birth Dearth
Undoing China’s One-Child Policy

Beijing successfully ratcheted down birth rates, but can it ratchet them back up again?

Published on: March 5, 2018
Frank Lavin is a former U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce and former Ambassador to Singapore.
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  • AbleArcher

    Trick question: how long does it take to grow a 25-year-old? If you said 25 years, you’re wrong. Of course 25 years, and nine months. Almost 26 years. and that’s if everybody did their Chinese patriotic duty, and successfully conceived, tonight. Not only do they have a quarter century to wait, but they have people with money/means leaving the country much rather live in America, Canada, Australia, many other places than China.

  • Jeff77450

    The following isn’t profound but every environment has a finite carrying-capacity. In the case of human beings the lifestyle that most people want to live should be a factor in determining what that carrying-capacity is. Perhaps America can support ~1-billion people if ~80% of them are willing to live in dystopian Soviet-style apartment-blocks and subsist on three bowls of beans-and-rice a day, but who wants to live like that?

    Likewise China. What standard of living do the people of China want? I’ve read that China doesn’t have a lot of water in proportion to their population. If their long-term goal is have an American middle-class standard-of-living then maybe they’d collectively be happier if their population was ~200-million.

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