Africa Policy
The Continental Congo Crisis

If the United States and its allies wish to ameliorate the current insecurity in the DRC, they must first understand how deeply interconnected its problems are with the wider geopolitics of the region.

Published on: February 20, 2018
James H. Barnett is a Public Interest Fellow in Washington, DC.
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  • Fat_Man

    This seems like an excellent opportunity for the United States to mind its own business.

    • Katie

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  • D4x

    Lucky Public Interest Fellow James. H. Barnett perpetuates African conflict with his starter: “the actual significance of any particular border is simply a reflection of the politics of the region.”

    Not in Africa. There is a compelling argument that someone should force the African Union to rethink their Charter, which cast colonial borders as permanent: […]paragraph 3 of Article III of the Charter of the Organization of African Unity: “SOLEMNLY DECLARES that all Member States pledge themselves to respect the borders existing on their achievement of national independence” […]

    Perhaps the USA could outsource this challenge to China. They are in year 30+ of their plan to avenge the humiliation, including changed borders, inflicted for one hundred years by imperialist dead white people, led by Queen Victoria. China still disputes those border changes.

    Since Public Interest Fellowships are awarded to “exceptional young men and women” , surprising he missed the single factor that has been the source of so many wars, deaths, and other horrors. History professors have been teaching the evils of colonialism as the root of all ‘dead white men evil’ since the mid-1980’s. Guess they also stopped teaching “how to read a tribal map”.

    • Tom

      That actually fits in pretty well with the statement, honestly.

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