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Identity Politics
Rethinking “One China”

U.S. policy needs to reflect the fact that Taiwan is central to China’s increasingly assertive ideological as well as military challenge.

Published on: January 16, 2018
Ellen Bork was an International Visiting Fellow at the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy in September 2017.
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    The US does have a de facto two China policy though, or rather a democratic Taiwan vs. mainland ruled by an unelected government that wants to harass and attack Taiwan policy. When push comes to shove, the USN gets involved in the Strait. The US has a de facto embassy’s in Taiwan called the American Institute of Taiwan. It is staffed by government personnel, and the business it conducts is government business. It’s just a matter of semantics and Taiwan representation at the UN, for example, and it really says more about the weakness and instability of the CCP that they’re worried about such a thing.

    • AbleArcher

      The CCP gets to be a permanent member of the UNSC and the Kim Jong Un and the Ayatollahs and House of Saud are all UN members. Taiwan is not allowed. That tells you all you need to know about UN. I’d call it a joke if it wasn’t so sad. Ashamed that it’s hosted in the US and that the US pays so much. Truly disgusting.

      • Which raises the greater question — why are two KOREAN governments allowed concurrent membership within the United Nations, while only one CHINESE government is permitted?

        Even during the Cold War, both West and East Germany were simultaneously admitted into its ranks as sovereign nations.

        • Great Khan

          There’s only one China (The Central Core) as there’s only one god to the Abraham religions.

      • Margaret

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      • AnonymoussSoldier

        While I definitely agree with your overall sentiment on the UN, I must say that it’s partly Taipei’s own fault. They doggedly continue to claim theirs is the legitimate government of “one China.” They make most of the same claims that the CCP does regarding territorial expansion and Chinese imperialism, etc. They would do well to drop the claims and just want to enter as the legitimate government of the nation of Taiwan. They most certainly are a nation and that is the legitimate government. Full stop.

        I understand why they continue to claim to be the government of one China.
        No 1 The Communist Party is not elected and perpetrates horrible abuses on more than 1 billion people including terrible censorship really only outdone by North Korea, and don’t forget the massacres. Falun Gong practitioners disappeared and executed. They taught the people a good lesson in 1989, last time the army fought any kind of battle, and it was against 20-year-old Chinese. Whipped them real good too.
        No 2 taipei sees opportunity. The Communist Party is not very stable and it tells you that with its own actions. The massive censorship and lack of elections, jailing authors human rights lawyers, you name it, these are all things you do in very unstable situation. They aren’t legitimate and they know it.

  • Just imagine what the world would be like today had the U.S. never established ties with Communist China and had retained its original diplomatic relations with the Republic of China instead.

    • Great Khan

      1.4 billion people (1/5 of humanity) thus deemed non-existent?

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