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The Pressure's On
Our Year of Living Dangerously

Domestic and international pressures are intersecting in dangerous ways for the Trump presidency in 2018.

Published on: January 12, 2018
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  • Fat_Man

    More TDS. Larry, take a chill pill. Everything will be fine. Trump maybe a jerk, but it takes more than one guy to turn the Nimitz around and it won’t happen very quickly.

    • Brittany

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  • Angel Martin

    “There is good reason to believe that, in pursuit of justice and simply discovering the truth, Robert Mueller is going to bring the pressure. ”

    We will see what “impeccable integrity” Mueller’s “investigation” comes up with.

    Strzok and Page sent almost 10,000 texts, including during their time on the Mueller investigation. We have seen only 4 percent of those texts.

    S&P were not shy about expressing their political biases, detailing their leaks to the media, assessing co-workers and supervisors, expressing their satisfaction about creating negative media stories about co-workers and bosses… etc.

    Whatever problems exist in the Mueller investigation, the texting morons will have documented it.

    • WigWag

      Mueller epitomizes the swamp that has ruined the prospects for millions of Americans. He is the paradigmatic figure of a class that needs to be cut down to size. Trump should have fired him the day he was appointed by the Deputy Attorney General (who is himself, an elitist creep).

      Delaying the firing of Mueller was a mistake that can still be rectified. Trump should fire Mueller (and Rosenstein) immediately.

      The Justice Department and its divisions (including the FBI) work exclusively for the President. If our founders wanted an independent administrative agency capable of investigating the Executive Branch they would have created one. They did create a mechanism to remove a President; impeachment by the House followed by conviction by the Senate.

      If the Democrats want to go that route they should give it a try.

      Mueller’s investigation is as inappropriate as he is personally. He’s little more than a tool of the deep state trying desperately to reassert its control of our country. The goal; to feather the nests of the American clerisy while leaving the rest of America to rot.

    • Gary Hemminger

      The FBI idiots that were building insurance policies against Trump have so damaged Mueller that if he brings anything against Trump outside of Russian collusion, it will go nowhere. And since collusion is a business issue and there no law against colluding with russia in an election, there is no place for this to go. What is clear to me is that the democrats funding the Fusion dossier and this was used by a corrupt FBI to grant FISA waivers so that the Obama administration could spy on Trump and his minions. Once this fully comes out, the Obama admin is going to go down as the most corrupt in US history. I hope for Obama’s sake it isn’t true, but I believe the tea leaves are pointing in this direction.

      Obama was so convinced that Hillary would win that he went to the well one too many times.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The main international pressure is that we now have exactly zero allies without serious misgivings about the reliability of the USA.

    • Angel Martin

      Well, if they can’t “rely” on the no-strings-attached generosity of Uncle Sam any more, maybe these “allies” should consider economic and defence self-sufficiency.

      • FriendlyGoat

        And maybe they just drift into Chinese and Russian orbits while we deride them as lazy and contemptible.

        • Angel Martin

          More likely drift into the moslem orbit, but their choice, their future.

          • FriendlyGoat

            That too.

    • Gary Hemminger

      Except maybe Saudi Arabia and Israel. Great power politics returned years ago. Our supposed allies are allies when democrats are in power and foes when republicans are in power. Not one republican administration had any allies in Europe since Eisenhower.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Yes, except maybe Saudi Arabia and Israel, which is saying something UTTERLY astonishing when you consider what those two are——nations resting most questionably on two fanatical religions which oppose each other. Meanwhile, the gigantic core of population centers in need of human rights and sensible progress find themselves looking for leadership elsewhere than here, whether in Asia, Europe, Africa or South America.

        • Micah718

          How is Judaism a fanatical religion? Do we kill people for our religion? [email protected] you, a grotesque anti-Semitic freak. What a disgusting person you are, with your worship of State and nothing else. Pathetic.

          • FriendlyGoat

            Oh, hello again, JR. Time to block you again. Done.

            As we part, the reason Judaism (in Israel) is a fanatical religion is that its adherents there mostly believe that it requires a certain parcel of real estate in the entire world in order to legitimize itself. That is a classic definition of fanaticism.

            Meanwhile, did you know that 40% of the world’s Jewish people live in America and do not give a hoot about moving to Israel ever? That most of them (71%) vote for the Democrats’ political ideas and are generally not nuts?

          • Micah718

            Only those who worship statism are worthy. Loser.

  • Mueller cannot be trusted and appears to be dragging this out for political purposes. He needs to go.

  • Gary Hemminger

    Has anyone seen the stock market and the economy lately? If I have to choose a president who gets 4% GDP growth and 10% market returns vs. someone who doesn’t tweet and doesn’t say stupid things and creates massive job killing regulations, I chose growth. When 2020 comes will “it’s the economy stupid” prevail or sensitive feelings? If the economy is not the driver of the elections then we might as well become socialist, end free speech, and appoint Obama president for life.

    • Anthony

      Just for the record, Presidents have only limited influence over the business cycle, which is heavily driven by outside events, past policies and the Federal Reserve (nevertheless, people generally credit or blame a sitting president for an economy’s performance). To that end, Trump is certainly (currently) astride a thriving market economy and an improving global economy compounds the effect (globalization). Relatedly, IHS Markit (a consulting firm) sees U.S. economic growth of 2.6% in 2018 (better than 2.3% in 2017 and better still than the 1.5% of 2016). Who gets credit? Well, it may depend on what you’re actually trying to interpret (with the numbers) beyond a confirmation bias, perhaps.

  • Micah718

    Again with the shithole Russia narrative. What has Mueller investigation produced related to the collusion of 2016 election? Makes me hard to take seriously someone who sees Mueller as some kind of salvation.

    • Nevis07

      My take on the Mueller investigation is that the reason that the investigation, despite the fact it so far does not appear to have anything rising to the level of collusion, but seems to be endless in scope and scale is that it’s effectively an attempt from within the national security establishment to take Trump down before he can take any action on NK.

  • He may be improving America’s economy, yes, but I just hope that his public rhetoric does not alienate our allies needlessly. According to some polls, the U.S.’s international image has declined considerably with this administration.

  • Tom Scharf

    Yet another diatribe that adds zero value to discourse other than virtue signalling to his peers.

    What to do when last year’s predicted Trumpocalypse didn’t occur? Just say it is going to happen next year, and the next, and the next….

    Political partisans have zero credibility today, and they have only themselves to blame. It is a toxic sewer of vitriol.

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