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From Russia With Love
The New Greek Oligarchy

The strange saga of a Greek-Russian tobacco tycoon shows how crisis-era Greece has regressed into a post-Soviet-style oligarchy.

Published on: January 5, 2018
Alexander Clapp is a journalist based in Athens. His work has appeared in The Times Literary Supplement and The National Interest.
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  • FriendlyGoat

    Wouldn’t be Europe winning here, would it?

  • Micah718

    Pretty eloquent defense of why Greece should not be in the EU. Grekxit is still a viable option, which I still believe is the only viable long run solution.

  • Evangelos Katsikiotis

    This article seems more like a commercial for Western-Atlanticist Institutions rather than a real analysis of the current Greek Oligarchy. The author even negates his own thesis by pointing out that he might be overreacting with unjustified Russophobia. The message of the article is precisely this: if you are gonna be a Greek Oligarch, it’s better that you are a liberal, pro-Western, Ivy League or Oxbridge educated pro-NATO oligarch than an pro-Russian one or gasp: Just a Greek who grew up in Russia.This article would seem more in place as a press release for the State Department or CIA. The truth is “The Great Powers”: the United States and the Russian Federation will never dictate their will to the Greek people who have their own unique culture and interests

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