Schlesinger’s Vital Center

It was not “the so-called ‘middle of the road’ preferred by cautious politicians.”

Published on: November 9, 2017
Richard Aldous is a professor of history at Bard College, where he holds the Eugene Meyer Chair. This is an adapted excerpt from his new book, Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian, published by W.W. Norton.
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  • Fat_Man

    Schlesinger was a Democrat party hack and a cheerleader for John Kennedy. His vital center was unquestioning loyalty to the Democrat party. A party that ceased to exist long since. Sorry Dude. It passed its “sell by date” a couple of generations ago.

  • SeaAyeA

    Moot. Who has a problem with totalitarian regimes who don’t allow dissent or freedom of speech and religion, etc? The US, Canada, all of the EU and Australia do not have any problem with such regimes. They do business with them and support them every single day. Saudi Arabia. Iran. China. Just to name perhaps the most notable three.

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