Active Measures
Russia’s Brexit Subversion

A new wave of revelations strongly suggests that Russia interfered in last year’s Brexit referendum. Why is the UK government staying silent?

Published on: November 9, 2017
Neil Barnett is a former foreign correspondent and is now CEO of Istok Associates Limited.
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  • AnonymoussSoldier

    BREAKING NEWS [for neil]: Leaking corruption, lies, and spending some money is not bad. You think it is? Okay. You like corruption and lies.
    1. You don’t even know who leaked the info about DNC corruption and Clinton speeches etc.
    2. Clintons took Russian money. Bill from Russian banks and into his pocket. CF took millions from Russians and saudis you name it.
    3 Clinton and DNC lied about the pee pee (aka Piss gate) dossier. They paid for it. Ex British spy with Russian connects and sources. All fake. They lied about who paid for it to boot.

    Troll farm? Every government has paid trolls, and even a lot of companies do. But simply citing an IP address or geolocation means literally nothing. I can appear to come from Russia next time I visit this website. I can get dozens of friends using a Russian IP and DNS to visit this website and spam it. Anybody can do that stuff if you’re under the age of basically 40. We grew up with it.

  • QET

    Barnett’s anxieties are possibly justified. I am not an authority. But the neat thing about the Trump/Farage/Russia “attack on our democracy” hypothesis is that it is unfalsifiable. No amount of lack of evidence will ever deter those who, like Fox Mulder, want to believe that the evidence is out there. First Brexit and then Trump burst their amniotic sacs, depriving them of the soothing comfort that the world was getting on exactly as they would have it get on. Forced to exit their political wombs, they are now frightened and angry all of the time and need some objects upon which to heap those emotions. Maybe instead of writing articles like this Barnett should have just joined with the screamers yesterday. He’d probably at least have bought 24 hours’ worth of emotional relief.

    My belief, possibly incorrect, is that the Mueller investigation is and always has been a farce, political theater for the Democrat audience and political payback for the losing side in our last election. We have truckloads of evidence of Clinton collusion with Russia and of seeking Russian assistance in attacking our democracy. But suddenly the Left’s Cartesian doubt springs into action at any mention of that evidence. So far all Mueller’s mountain in labor has brought forth in the way of evidence are a couple of mice.

    • Angel Martin

      I suspect you are right about Mueller. But the Swamp/Deep State should beware the law of unintended consequences.

      Once you kick over the rocks, the scurrying creatures cannot be “unseen”.

      A theory of the Mueller investigation is that he is starting with the “small fish” with the intention of flipping them to implicate the “bigger fish”.

      If that is the case, then it implies that Tony Podesta and Vin Weber are “bigger fish” than Manafort et al.

      If true, then this investigation is not longer about Trump/Russia, but is morphing into something else.

      • Алексей Глушенков

        You can even not doubt – if will have a good investigate in the affairs of ANY businessman, you can find many interesting things. But for the most part this is fraud and does not apply to politics.
        I would also like to say that America has intervened earlier, intervenes now and will interfere in the affairs of any country – this is called politics – why do not others have such a right?
        It’s ridiculous to see how all the politicians wriggle like worms on a hook.
        “What would they not talk about with you, remember – they talk about money”

  • Gary Hemminger

    Why do these authors think that Russia is somehow influencing all western civilization behavior? What I see clearly is that Western civilization is hurting itself. The Russian are bit actors. Maybe blaming the Russians rather than ourselves makes people feel better. Yet the fact remains that it is Western civilization that is influencing itself for the worst. The fault is ourselves Neil, not the Russians. Brexit was passed because of the stupidity of the EU and its immigration policies. If the Russians helped remind the UK of that, well that seems fair to me. Just like it seems fair to me that we got stuck with Trump, because of the idiot policies of the progressives under Obama.

  • Angel Martin

    “In June, Heidi Blake of Buzzfeed published an investigation into 14 Russia-related deaths on British soil, most of which had been overlooked or explained away by the police and the security services.”

    TAI is now publishing articles based on Buzzfeed “reporting” ?

    And promoting mass conspiracy theories of British police forces covering up 14 “Kremlin” murders ?

  • Roy Tyrell

    The author should stop with the pearl clutching and recognize the obvious – the British elite themselves want nothing to do with the whacky soros new worldism the eu wishes to impose on it’s minions.

    Sure, at first there were doubts… then came the refugees. Even the Brits who voted no are now quietly on board. Unlike America they have not gone full retard over who or what caused the original outcome – only that it was the right one.

    Go wrend your garmets, go knash your teeth – just do it on the other side of the English Channel thank you very much.

  • A lot of agreement in these comments, interestingly most of it attacking this article for pointing the finger at malign Kremlin influence.

    Not at all suspicious. Vodkas all round!

    • Roy Tyrell

      Even though my birth certificate says “Florida” I was really born in Moscow… along with 66 million other Trump voters.

      The “red terror” thing only works when people are afraid of you. No one is afraid of effete Washington leftists. Go ahead and prattle away – the rest of us will shrug.

      • SeaAyeA

        It’s not just trump voters. Progressives are also fed up with the Russia lies. Russia didn’t make HRC become a corporatist hack. Russia didn’t make HRC stand against single payer. Putin didn’t cause HRC to have a public and a private position with her billionaire friends.

        HRC ran the DNC to bias it in her favor because obama left the DNC In debt and she could bring the cash to the table. Funny because he presided very Dems losing 1,100 seats. HRC and Bill took Russian money. Case closed. Oh and they lied about the pee and hookers dossier and who paid for it. They did. We are tired of the lies by the millionaire limousine liberals aka corporate hacks.

      • An article about Brexit and yet you assume I’m American & talk about Trump.

        You need more training or a better chat engine. Or just get better at trolling.

        • Roy Tyrell

          Training? For what?

    • Psalms13626

      Yup, You figured us all out! You are that Internet genius everyone was talking about. Quick Comrades, let’s run away from here to where this towering intellect won’t be hot on our trail.

  • Alamez

    I suggest Brits to DNA check Her Majesty. She could have already been swapped for a Russain KGB agent.

  • Пэдро Бандерлогов

    How many morons, it turns out, very well lives in the US and gets a rather big salary for their fantasies issued for expert opinion ))

  • Pavel

    “A new wave of revelations strongly suggests that Russia interfered in last year’s Brexit referendum.” – Oh really? 🙂

    Does the author knows the meaning of “strongly suggests”?
    He needs to learn one more word, “proof”, and he will become a professional 85-level magician-lawyer.

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