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Troubled Waters
Nile Dynamics

The grand new dam on the Nile pits the downstream countries against the upstream. Will conflict ensue?

Published on: November 7, 2017
Jennifer Veilleux is a postdoctoral associate and Shlomi Dinar is an associate professor and associate dean in the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs at Florida International University.
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  • Fat_Man

    GERD also means GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease. Fortunately the treatment is drugs like Prilosec which are OTC and cheap.

    • D4x

      Nile River Basin Dams map: “Filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” Oxford University https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e2bfc55ff8a1169b4e821b8e737c333fc5d3752926000eb558fc1f2c8267969.jpg
      Source: https://www.water.ox.ac.uk/filling-the-grand-ethiopian-renaissance-dam-seeking-middle-ground-on-the-nile/
      A water war between Ethiopia and Egypt should be avoided – perhaps they can cut off Sudan; more important is that TAI seems intent on covering stories and issues that are secondary to anything in The American Interest.

      Candied Ginger is easier to eat than raw Ginger root, nature’s cure for nausea. Either form will cure GERD better than Prilosec.
      Try the candied ginger. Much healthier than shutting down stomach acid. We tamper with evolution at our peril.

      I eat a piece of Trader Joe’s candied ginger daily, pre-empting the inevitable stomach-turning words by over-credentialed voices. Plus, ginger will dissolve micro-clots, pre-empting one peril of sitting while transfixed by the never-ending digital train wreck.

      Air Force One just landed in China…off to the opera with our Heads of State, and all the excellent news coverage Made Anywhere but the USA.
      A good way to clear the brain to get to sleep is to go through the alphabet with a category of words. I use multi-syllable geographic place names. Always skip boring ‘D’, and ‘E’, because Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt…wakes me up, trying to remember Ecuador, wondering why the three ‘E’s are contiguous.

      Korea, Kyoto, Kandahar, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Karelia, Kalahiri, Kaukana, Kankakee, Kentucky, …yawn.

      • StudentZ

        Isn’t this a journal on foreign affairs and international relations? I assume I am not the only reader interested in Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan here …

        • D4x

          Sins of omission: Since their Oct. 18 relaunch, TAI has never
          noticed Team Trump’s Indo-Pacific foreign policy strategy. 10 18 2017 Sec. Tillerson at CSIS, before his trip to India on 10 25: “Defining Our Relationship With India for the Next Century”

          Excellent news coverage and analysis, and photos from Singapore’s Straits Times: 11 08 2017 Mr Trump and his wife Melania, and Mr Xi and his wife
          Madam Peng Liyuan at the Forbidden City Imperial Palace before having private dinner also in the palace grounds. AFP https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26e40b1fa5b2a32efb2be5b48a36891e6431ede1aec874d6904c32fc86fdb51c.jpg
          http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/donald-trumps-palace-treat-in-beijing-at-the-start-of-his-china-visit “Donald Trump’s Palace treat in Beijing at the start of his China visit [9:00a.m. EST Nov. 8, 2017] Goh Sui Noi China Bureau Chief …The Chinese are hoping, however, that the visit will be a success. “If China and the US have good relations then many global issues can be resolved easily,” said Professor Jia Qingguo of Peking University.”

          TAI has not yet noticed the five nation Official Visit to Asia, Nov. 3-14, 2017: Japan, Republic of Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philipines. North Korea threats are #1 on the agenda in Japan, Korea, and China. The Trumps will attend their THIRD State Dinner in four days tonight in Beijing.

          Nov. 10: Vietnam is hosting APEC, the preeminent leaders-level forum for promoting cooperation on reducing barriers to trade and
          investment throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

          Nov. 12-13: Manila, the Philipines: The Secretary will join the President in celebrating the 50th anniversary of ASEAN and in
          participating in the U.S.-ASEAN 40th Anniversary Commemorative Summit.

          Nov. 14: Manila: East Asia Summit (EAS), the region’s premier leaders-led forum for addressing the Asia-Pacific’s most pressing political and security issues

          APEC and ASEAN are two of the Institutions of the Liberal
          International Order that TAI HAS been posting about.

          Also, U.S. State Dep’t has been engaged in the Burma Rohyinga crisis Nov. 6-7, (600,000 Rohyinga expelled by Burma since Aug. 25, 2017) report from Nov. 7: “Acting Assistant Secretary Simon Henshaw and Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert on Recent Visit to Burma and Bangladesh” https://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2017/11/275383.htm

          Sec Tillerson will be in Burma on Nov. 15: diplomacy instead
          of more U.S. Senate sanctions.

          Not sure how Ethiopia’s GERD dam gets the spotlight, with
          this TAI agenda:

          …Our agenda is threefold. The first is to analyze America’s conduct on the global stage and the forces that shape
          it–not just its strategic aspects, but also its economic, cultural and
          historical dimensions. American statecraft is not simply about power but also purpose. …

          The AI‘s second aim is to examine what American policy should be. It is our view that the challenges and opportunities of our time
          transcend the assumptions and vocabulary used by both the Left and Right in recent years, and that we need to move beyond the defense of obsolete positions. We therefore seek to invite the best minds from a variety of professions to engage in lively and open-ended debate founded on serious, sustained arguments and evidence. We wish to provoke and enlighten, not to plead or to please the guardians of any ideology. We take a pragmatic attitude
          toward policy problems, privileging creativity and effectiveness over
          contending orthodoxies.

          Third, though its name is The American Interest, our pages
          are open to the world. The simple and inescapable defining fact of our era is that America is the foremost actor on the world stage. For good or ill, the United States affects the lives of billions because of its dominance in military, economic and, ever more so, cultural affairs. Hence, the AI invites citizens of all nations into the American national dialogue, convinced that Americans have much to learn from the experience and perspectives of others.


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