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Published on: October 30, 2017
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  • Fat_Man

    “Our democracy is suffering from crippling polarization and now tactics of political intimidation reminiscent of Senator Joe McCarthy, with the same political fear and indulgence that gave McCarthy free rein to roll out his demagogic campaign of anti-communist scare tactics”

    Whenever the left gets into trouble, they dig up tail gunner Joe. Joe’s problem was that he was late to the party. Nixon’s HUAC had already exposed many Communists in the Roosevelt/Truman administration. Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White were neither innocent nor unimportant.

    • Tom

      McCarthy’s problem was that he was so over-the-top that I’m still not convinced that he wasn’t a deep-cover agent for the CPUSA.

  • Tom

    And the self-aggrandizing hysteria continues…

  • Bankotsu

    Hope that I won’t be getting more neo con garbage from this writer.

    I expect something fresh and new from him.

    If he continues to sprout the same old tired neo con drivel that had been sprouted for the past 20+ years, I will say fuck off to his fucking neo con blog.

  • Bankotsu

    I have a VERY bad feeling that this writer will continue to spread neo con garbage.

    He WON’T produce anything new.

    If that is the case, this bastard can go fuck himself and fuck off.

  • Bankotsu

    I will be watching for these code words in his next blog: China, Russia, Democracy, Threat, DICTATORSHIP, MILITARY, CONTAIN, Freedom, Allies.

    These are the usual words found in neo con garbage writings, if I detect any of these words in his next piece, I AM OUT.

    See sample neo con article for example:

    League of Dictators?


  • Anthony

    The picture caption aptly gets to a particular American travail (all the more difficult when emotions and passions take priority). Yet, Larry Diamond, thanks for the reminder: “civility does not require passivity or tedious neutrality.”

    • CosmotKat

      It also requires honesty and a moral compass.

      • Anthony


        • CosmotKat

          Are you offended by truth and ethics, Anthony?

          • Anthony

            Because there are interludes to your coming from under the metaphorical “rock”, you remain an internet stalker and harasser! Disappear.

          • CosmotKat

            It’s a straight forward question, Anthony. Why do you react by making delusional accusations and whiny protestations intended to demean? It seems whenever anyone responds to your limited world view you react like the woman who parades around the beach in a bikini top and thong and accuses anyone who glances at her limited clothing of rape.

          • Anthony

            Vanish, renown internet stalker (Troll) – I’ve bypassed you and your harangues on various web site and never reply, do like wise despite your interludes!

  • seattleoutcast

    But civility does not require passivity or tedious neutrality.

    This rule only applies to the left. If the right does it, it’s extremism.

    Flake knew he wouldn’t be re-elected. He clothed his failure to represent Arizonans in a self-righteous speech.

  • seattleoutcast

    If Flake is sincere with his “conscience”, he’ll retire and get a job as the regional manager of Staples or 7-11. But we all know he’ll get mired in lobbying on either the state or local level, or do something that involves milking the taxpayers. Some conscience.

  • D4x

    “browbeating most Congressional members of his party to fall meekly into line behind him, lest they face a primary challenge from puritanical “true believers”.” reminds me of how Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, and subsequent demotion to Minority Leader outdid Tom “The Hammer” DeLay in “browbeating”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e96ae97116415f86242285b6a6cb12e935a4965c827adf1cf6b4c82a5cc3507f.jpg

    In case anyone who can still think, and has political memory of 2000-2016, is reading “Welcome to Democracy Square”, consider reading this thoughtful book review, for fun:

    https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2017/08/the-conservation-of-coercion/ REVIEW ESSAY The Conservation of Coercion by William Wilson
    “Technology and the End of Authority: What Is Government For?” by Jason Kuznicki Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, 285 pages, $129

  • CapitalistRoader

    Our democracy is suffering from crippling polarization…I had hoped that Senator Jeff Flake’s eloquent and courageous speech last week might begin to turn the tide against this growing danger to our democracy

    We don’t have a democracy. We have a constitutional republic.

    And Jeff Flake abandoned the ship because he chose poorly and was looking at a devastating primary defeat. Ascribing noble aims to his speech is stupid. He’s a loser, and he knew he was a loser.

  • Bankotsu

    Since Larry Diamond said that he is starting new blog for new era of this site, I expect something NEW, CREATIVE and FRESH from him.

    No one wants to see more tired rehashed neo con propaganda garbage from decades ago.

    If people want neo con propaganda, they don’t have to hire writers, they can just program some keywords into an AI computer program to generate neo con propaganda. The keywords are: China, Russia, Democracy, Threat, DICTATORSHIP, MILITARY, CONTAIN, Freedom, Allies, Liberal.

    I hope that Larry Diamond’s next piece will be something new, not neo con garbage of the type that I have been reading for almost 20 years.

    Larry Diamond, you better not fucking disappoint me. If you produce neo con filth and come and give it to me, I think you better fuck off from this site and get a real and proper job.

  • Bankotsu

    You better not disappoint me Larry Diamond.

    I will be watching you on this website.

    Whether or not your next piece will be neo con garbage, the truth will be revealed soon.

  • CosmotKat

    “we have a President who has shown repeated and diverse forms of contempt for democratic norms, and who is now browbeating most Congressional members of his party to fall meekly into line behind him, lest they face a primary challenge from puritanical “true believers”.

    With stupid comments like this you are certainly sowing the seeds of incivility on your blog, Larry. In addition, the use of the term democracy is a unique to leftists and progressives in this country who prefer authoritarian style “democracy” to our 241 year old Constitutional Republic which tends to stifle the worst urges of budding despots that inhabit the halls of academia and the Democratic Party.

  • ltlee1

    Democracy begins with A PEOPLE, to the extend that the US is not substantially A PEOPLE, it cannot be a real democracy. Voting will give a government legality but it could not confer a government legitimacy.

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