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Ten Things to Watch in the German Elections

Though Merkel is set to win comfortably, the upcoming German elections are much more momentous than they first appear.

Published on: September 6, 2017
Joerg Forbrig is Senior Transatlantic Fellow with the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
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  • RIP Germany and EU. Good riddance. Now all we have to worry about is taking on India and America.

    • Angel Martin

      Someone has figured out the future teams…

      • Of course we all know it. We love the Chinese-owned US MSM. They keep America and Russia from working together. We know Putin would abandon us for the West in two seconds if they’d let him. They make sure has nowhere else to go but China

        • leoj

          Oh, do you guys own the MSM now? Phew! And all I keep hearing is that us Jews own it…

          Well, I hope some schlemiel made some coin offloading it to you guys now that it’s completely worthless.

          • They make some coin when CPC pays NYT or WaPo some big money for pages. Otherwise its the American MSM working for dumb American companies chasing the Chinese dream. We all know it. American companies are so foolish trying to get to china when it’s only temporary. They have to hand over technology to get in and eventually just replaced with chinese companies. The MSM loves china because it thinks in error that it’s going to help these companies takeover china

          • leoj

            “The Chinese dream” – I had a good chuckle at that one.

            Thanks for filling me in on how all this works. You Chinese are very clever! I look forward to reading the book, or maybe just catching the movie. Let’s hope it stars Jingchu Zhang.

          • Yea look at Apple. Was #1 for a short time. Now it’s struggling to keep up in China. They do whatever the government asks like banning apps and then people get mad at Apple. too funny. I really hope Mark runs for president in 2020. That will be funny. He bends forwards and backwards and whichever way the communist party wants him to. Still no FB in china. He would be a 100% chinese owned POTUS but I know he’ll lose – badly

          • leoj

            Is that because Chinese owned concerns do poorly? Not following.

          • Well sometimes they do poorly. Mark Z. would definitely be a Chinese puppet but he’ll lose because he is unbearable. It is always hard to take a guy seriously who pretends to be a genius when he stole an idea from friends. I guess fb censorship doesn’t help.

          • leoj

            This is most extraordinary, Xi! Another conspiracy I keep hearing about concerns Zuckerberg and his secret Jewish cabal, and here you are telling me that it’s actually the Chinese pulling the strings.

            I have an idea. We travel the internet together and every time I encounter someone spouting an anti-Jewish conspiracy theory I call on you to explain how it is actually the Chinese working behind the scenes. Together we can destroy anti-Semitism one bigot at a time!

          • Oh those are the best Chinese assets. jewish power compared to chinese power in this world is an ant looking at an elephant. The antisemite can identify there’s some problem yet they’re too ignorant to figure out what it is so they direct the blame to a tiny group. We laugh and laugh at that. It’s the jews. It’s the central bank. It’s the aliens. It’s the russians. If your media wasn’t working for the pro-china lobby then perhaps you would have a chance. of course some jews are in the pro-china lobby including Kushner, god bless him. But that only helps confuse the issue more for the simpletons.

          • leoj

            An elephant… exactly! Big, slow, easy to tame. In fact, the Indians have been doing it for millenia. Guess where the smart money is going today. And guess who can’t recognize a hedge. Good luck, Xi!

          • Only a fool thinks he can tame an elephant. The elephant is calm for precisely as long as it chooses to be and when it goes berserk the fool dies. India wishes they had their act together. America alone pumps $900 million to China each and every day. That’s not india.

          • leoj

            I’ve seen you floating that 900 m number before. I know it gives you great joy so I hate to spoil things for you. It’s not actual money we’re shipping to you, Xi. Not like gold or something valuable. We are selling you our debt. You need us more than we need you. The Indians would never be so foolish. So, again, where is the smart money going today. Not to China my friend…

          • Oh you silly. You’re mixing up the trade deficit with the treasury securities we buy (and many others buy them). I can help you! The trade deficit is real money flowing out of your country. America has the largest trade deficit in world history. Beats Spain in the 1600s. That’s saying something big. We get about $900 mil each day, 365/year. It was as high as $1.1 billion each day in 2015. Treasury securities are different. Those are dollar assets. We buy those to keep the value of the dollar high. The Japanese do it too. Makes America less competitive on trade to keep that trade deficit going ๐Ÿ™‚

          • leoj

            “Real money.” Ha! That was a good one, Xi. You are a laugh riot.

          • greenbacks are not real money? I will take yours then!

          • leoj

            You can’t, but we can. Just ask the Iranians ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Now you compare Iran with China? Two problems. China dwarfs Iran (and has the support of the super powerful pro-china lobby in America). Also China has trillions already in the FOREX and in piles of physical cash.

          • leoj

            Again, that cash is only as valuable as the system that underwrites it. You need us more than we need you–that is, if you’re really as rich as you say. If you were more intelligent, you’d count less on a “super powerful pro-china lobby” (a more laughable concatenation of syllables in our language would be difficult to imagine) and more on reciprocal investments by us in your country. It’s precisely what you imagine as your greatest strength that is your most glaring weakness, Xi.

          • The pro-china lobby in America is a blessing to China. They make money by selling out America and they are happy to do it and it includes lovely Ivanka and Jared:) Do you know Gordon Chang? He appears on Fox News a lot. You sound like you are parroting his nonsense. Americans sound like Britons after World War II when the empire was dying and being sapped by smarter countries (America at that time) but they couldn’t believe. They faded into the background screaming about how powerful they were

          • leoj

            Now you are touching on war, Xi. Of course this is where it’s going. China will lose and no one will miss it. Fox news be damned ๐Ÿ™‚

          • War between America and China? LOL. That is not going to happen. The pro-china lobby in US corporations and government via the politicians corporate America owns don’t allow that. America doesn’t do anything when China take Mischief Reef from the Philippines or about DPRK or about China using economic war against ROK over THAAD. America could do a lot, but it does nothing because it is owned by China bulls. Gordon Chang and some here on TAI thread talk about unplugging big Chinese banks hahahahahahahaha. Not. Going. To. Happen.

          • leoj

            But how are we ever going to be the British to your America in the scenario where you surpass us? It’s what we call a Catch 22. But this is just more of your silly bluster, Xi. Increasingly I feel as though you have your pants down around your ankles for this conversation.

          • Mr. leoj, I have bad news for you. America started surpassing China during 1870 to the 1920s. It happened over 50 years slowly and steady. Britain getting crushed in a war only hastened the inevitable. Lou Dobbs was talking to John Bolton on FOX the other day and Dobbs said “well to hell with the China lobby, we need to do what’s in the national interest.” Dobbs is right, but the look on Bolton face said it all — china bulls run American big business and they control American policy.

          • leoj

            About the only thing accurate in this post is your telling of the look on Bolton’s face. After all, the Chinese are not known to have such excellent facial hair.

          • If believing that helps you from have a panic attack then I should let it go. It was surreal though because DJT watches FOX every day and he likely saw that clip. He is the tough guy against china who has done almost nothing and approach the topic now like mouse sneaking by the cat.

          • leoj

            Go ahead and pull your pants up, Xi. Playtime’s over

          • CheckYourself

            You should listen to him. He’s getting off on it. He’s correctly explaining how America is in relative decline, yet it doesn’t have to be. The internationalists have sold out America long ago. At least 40 years ago. I think he’s saying it because he knows he can, and we either won’t listen or we are the powerless and can’t do anything about it short of armed revolt.

          • leoj

            Of course he’s a troll, but not a very clever one. I tend to agree with you, which is why we need this guy to be posting more. He’s like bad Chinese food (is there any other type?): have it once and you know you never want it again. They’re their own worst enemy, the Chinese.

          • CheckYourself

            I think he’s dumb for posting the reality of their situation. Maybe he thinks he won’t have any impact, but if thousands of chinese trolls do it then Americans will realize it en masse. Some of us already do understand, without any help from a Chinese troll, that corporate capture is real and it does tend to be pro beijing.

          • leoj

            People already realize it. If they hadn’t, someone like Trump never would have been elected and we would have gotten some other sort of Republican or Hillary.

          • CheckYourself. Take your own advice. American’s are clueless. Trump and his little princess, lovely China bull, Ivanka have factories in China.

          • CheckYourself

            Wait, they still didn’t close those factories? Are you effing kidding me?! Well, now I have a splitting headache and need to OD on ibuprofen.

          • HA! Come to China. I can get you some good opium for that headache. Takes it away so fast. Im sure you can appreciate the irony. Your china bear tough guy and his princess still have factories in china:)

          • CheckYourself

            Well, I guess, why not? POTUS and family still have Chinese factories. Jesus

          • You will be my special guest:) you can explain to every one about the journey to realize American democracy strangled itself and subvert itself to a stronger, actually nationalist government in Beijing. The CPC moves like a hot knife through butter. Americans don’t know what direction they are going and getting more divided every year.

          • Boritz

            Wrong. Our direction is crystal clear. We must spare no effort to defeat our principal foes: climate change and Foxnews. Soon our good friends in Europe will defeat the forces of the far-right in their lands and turn their might against a traitorous Britain.

  • Angel Martin

    “The U.S. now elicits the same or even less confidence among Germans as Russia under Vladimir Putin.”

    This would actually be comical if it didn’t reveal something deeply self-delusional and self-destructive about Germany.

    • Isaiah6020

      This and total inability to discuss, let alone repel, the invasion of Islamic hordes is just sad to watch. And bear in mind, I don’t like Germans. But voluntarily submitting to Islamic subjugation? This Divine Punishment, like all Divine Punishments, is truly horrific.

  • Boritz

    “Germansโ€™ anxiety over the refugee influx has subsided”.

    Oh good. Had us worried for a moment there.

  • Merkel is part of a centre-right party…but I suppose that European politics have become so skewed that even their most “conservative” parties have become deeply liberal.

  • Trajan Fanzine

    Lets cut to the chase, Heres what to watch-the % ,as they allude her as in a repeat of 2013, if she gains a % high enough to allow her to choose her own coalition partner, there by setting the agenda etc.; Germany has completely lost its soul…

    Those howls you’ll hear from the Teutoburg Wald will be Arminius, lamenting the effort and accomplishment in destroying 3 Roman Legions, there by turning back the Latinization of Germany , only to see now, a complete surrender to Islamization.

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