Rouhani’s Road to Ruin

If history is any indicator, then an escalating rift between Iran’s Supreme Leader and its recently reelected President will end up bolstering Khamenei and his allies at the expense of Rouhani.

Published on: August 9, 2017
Aaron Kliegman is the news editor at the Washington Free Beacon.
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  • Jayson DeBrune

    Most Western media attempted to frame the omission as an effort by Rouhani to appease hardliners within the government who oppose his “reformist” efforts, including the nuclear agreement and opening dialogue with the West.

    The truth of the matter is simple: This is who Rouhani is; a loyal, dedicated and faithful member of the regime going back to his earliest days.
    Rouhani never had any intention of advancing a moderate agenda. He always has been a product of the regime and was constructed with a mythology that served the interests of the regime. The mullahs needed the nuclear deal to lift crippling economic sanctions to help fund their wars and keep the IRGC afloat.

  • Kevin

    Interesting article. I’ve never understood the belief that every new player in the Iranian stage was the mythical moderate who would change the regime’s nature and goals. After almost forty years this seems like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown and expecting a different outcome this time.

    • D4x

      Except, in Iran, there is no Charlie Brown, who are all in the ‘west’ still dreaming regime change will end the theocracy that is Iran.

      The only chance for change in Iran is if all the repressed minorities start simultaneous armed rebellion, which is even less likely.

      Iran is still the Persian Empire, but there is no Cyrus the Great, the emperor who respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered

  • puhiawa

    Makes you realize what a primitive slave camp the entire country is. Its raison d’ existence is solely to kill people. Its own citizens, it finds wanting, other Muslims. then Jews and Christians, and then everyone else. It has absolutely no other purpose, no other art, no other history…it has nothing else.

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