The End of the Abbas Era

The aging leader tried to capitalize on his people’s unrest by taking unprecedented steps against Israel. Instead, he may have just made the argument against his rule even stronger.

Published on: August 9, 2017
Grant Rumley is a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and coauthor of The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas.
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  • FriendlyGoat

    It’s hard to imagine a worse job than trying to be Palestinian President.

  • Isaiah6020

    Israel is pursuing the strategy of being important and powerful enough that other Arab states have to deal with it even with Palestinians being their usual scummy selves. Their nominal figurehead in the PA is irrelevant.

  • D4x

    Interesting view of the schisms in AbbasWorld. The biggest problem with the palestinians is at the UN. Merge UNRWA with UNHCR, and get UNESCO to take a very long time-out, in Cambodia. Angkor Wat needs a lot of attention, Jerusalem needs a lot less.

    Fatah sounds too fractured to have ‘free and fair’ elections, in the event that Abbas does exit, one way or the other.
    Is it not possible that Mohammed Dahlan still has support in Ramallah-based Fatah?

    A view of Dahlan:
    “Palestinians: Mohammad Dahlan, the New Mayor of the Gaza Strip?”
    by Khaled Abu Toameh July 3, 2017 at 5:00 am

    [disclosure, it has been a year since I have read him, but I always thought Toameh a very credible journalist/analyst.]

    Will readers ever know how to sift through the points of views of different policy institutes, to unmask their ideological roots in foreign policy?
    Reading TAI Features is like a roller coaster, with every seat a bit tainted by puke from a different legacy.

    • ——————————

      Nah, keep them away from Angkor Wat. It was fine any time I was there. The Japs have done a great job of restoring it over the years….

      • D4x

        OK, deploy UNESCO to Macchu Picchu in Peru, where Hezbollah is successfully convincing Peruvians that the Zionists are to blame for all of Peru’s problems.

        • ——————————

          Send UNESCO to hell….along with the Palestinians….

          Humans did not evolve on peace….

      • D4x

        Charlie Carballo at Footwear News just scooped Vogue with his coverage of FL Melania’s shimmery metallic crochet-knit dress, for the family weekend at Camp David:

        I had already seen it, but failed to notice it is reversible, plunging front or back.

        Yes, I can follow you, in case you come back. Do not know if you are affected by Harvey – that is a LOT of rain.

        I just figured out my lawn is NOT bamboo, but Nimblewill (a stupid choice, not invasive except it does self seed too well, like crabgrass), with some Japanese Stillgrass (a less difficult invasive). So much for the expert lawn care guys last December who should have known it was Nimblewill when I had so many brown patches. After weeks of trying to deal with bamboo, went searching for ‘mow the lawn’ cartoons instead of researching a new lawn mower … starting with ‘mow the lawn’ with how Israel uses that term to deal with Hamas every few years 🙂

        Wanted to stay on-topic.

  • Ellen

    The Palestinians were finished a long time ago. What has kept them “alive” as a cause is Arab oil wealth bribing everyone under the sun to go on about this invented problem endlessly, European obsession with the improbable success of Zionism 70 years after the Holocaust, and the desire of American presidents to get the “ultimate deal”.

    We are now living through an era, miraculously, in which Arab oil wealth is being dissipated for good, the Europeans are now preoccupied with their own irreversible decline rather than causing the decline of Israel, and American presidents have other bigger issues that will define the success of their political careers than a Mideast peace deal.

    Too bad for the Palestinians. They are a fake people fighting for a fake cause. It was predictable that the whole thing would collapse eventually. Eventually means today. This is the real Peace Now = no more Palestine, just another resettlement of losers in a civil war. In this case, the civil war is from the British Mandate expiry in 1948.

    • Indeed, the “Palishtim” were invented in 1967 after the Israelis retook the Samaria and Judea. Prior to that, Muslims in the area were simply called Arabs…

      • Ellen

        Correct, and pretty soon they will once again be called “Arabs”, because their so-called national movement is falling apart, even according to their own partisans. The New Yorker magazine – always a barometer of the fantasy-ridden liberal American elites and their Arab spokesmen – just published an article by two Palestinians who sit in Western academic perches, in which they admitted that the Palestine National Movement is coming to an end when Abbas dies. What an amazing admission of intellectual and political bankruptcy. You mean all that effort and all that ink was wasted on a 50-year national movement?

        The Kurds have been around for 1000 years. Give them some press now. Or the Zulus. Or the Berbers in North Africa. Or the Shiites in Eastern Arabia who are fighting a low level insurgency against the House of Saud which is going completely uncovered by our liberal media.

        • fandango

          Not to mention the Boluchis with a historical, ethnic, and linguistic pedigree dwarfing that of the Pallywood Nation, and who are still waiting to receive one percent of world attention devoted to those historical nobodies who became somebodies by fighting Jews.

  • JamesDrouin

    “The End of the Abbas Era”

    One can only wonder if he understands how irrelevant – to everyone and everything – his entire existence is.

    • Ellen

      That is why it is really inappropriate to speak about an “Abbas era.” That implies that he was a central figure during a period of time, or was a personality of great significance. In fact, he was a void, a vacuum. A total nothing. He spends most of his time wandering around the world whining about the 2-state solution which he and the Palestinians have rejected 8 times since it was first proposed in the Peel Commission Report of 1937. He is rarely in Ramallah at all, even though he should be kept very busy building the institutions of Palestinian statehood, if that is what he really wanted. They should force him to spend the rest of his days wandering around the world whining, and let him die in a hotel bed somewhere with deluxe room service. That would be a fitting end to his do-nothing kleptocracy.

      • JamesDrouin

        You are correct. However, Abbas has personally looted the Palestinian ‘treasury’ of tens of millions of dollars, so …

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