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Trump’s narrative sounds an awful lot like what you hear on RT.

Published on: July 17, 2017
Carla Anne Robbins is a long-time journalist. Most recently, she was deputy editorial page editor of the New York Times. She is now an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and Marxe Faculty Director of the MIA program at Baruch College’s Marxe School of Public and International Affairs. You can follow her on Twitter @robbinscarla.
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  • D4x

    Read this first today, though have not yet looked for the echo. NOT ‘most read’ at RCW. ( see footnote below*) :
    “Russia Sought A Broad Reset With Trump, Secret Document Shows
    A Russian proposal obtained by BuzzFeed News reveals Moscow’s ambitious plan to break with the past and launch a major rapprochement with the United States.
    Posted on September 12, 2017, at 12:14 p.m.
    John Hudson BuzzFeed News Reporter Washington, D.C. Reporting From
    Washington, D.C.”

    Actually, my first search today was “Melania Trump”, because the news yesterday, 9/11, was noteworthy. Vogue suddenly started covering her fashion the way they should have been doing all along, including her return from Camp David on Sept. 10! Both articles also included links to the online stores as UK Daily Mail had been doing through Sept. 2. It sure looked like Anna Wintour had given new orders, which had been implied in the Sept. 5 WWD article where I posted my comment on Sept, 9, which is what I do instead of being a ‘writer on FL fashion’ as you had suggested:

    Footwear News had re-started coverage on 9/11, after complete silence since Sept. 2, although reporter is different. Penske owns both WWD and FN. They are supposed to be the Switzerland Bibles of fashion and footwear.

    On 9/11, Vanity Fair’s coverage was snark. UK Daily Mail had an excellent news report, lots of photos, finally started using proper titles for POTUS and First Lady, but has not yet returned to including fashion/linking to online store:

    Today, Sept. 12, The Guardian decided to out-snark Vanity Fair.

    But, RT stepped in to defend FLOTUS against The Guardian, which was a surprising source, except for that Buzzfeed revelation:

    “Guardian’s anti-Trump take on Melania’s ‘act of rebellion’ dress sense riles even its own readers Published time: 12 Sep, 2017 14:50 https://on.rt.com/8n0e


    The original coverage of same Missoni dress, when FN was the only USA source consistently positive, and, this writer had scooped Vogue’s coverage:

    * After reading the Buzzfeed revelation on Russia, I did check to see schedule for Gov. Huntsman’s Senate confirmation hearing as Ambassador to Russia. It is NOT on the schedule week of 09/11-15 as had been speculated. The original announcement was on March 8, in WWD’s coverage of FLOTUS’ International Women’s Day WH luncheon, the last time WWD covered Melania in a positive, dimensional report. That WWD reporter, was snared in a Twitter war between Streep and Lagerfeld over Oscar gowns, after FL wore Lagerfeld to host the Netanyahus at the WH on Feb. 15. After March 8, she was next seen at an art museum in Helsinki, and her March 8 report was subsequently edited to delete this Instagram from Mary Kaye Huntsman:


    The Daily Mail still has that image, and I re-read their report a few days ago, because a common troll attack is that ‘Melania still has no ’cause’ ‘as other FLs have had. I have countered with all the diplomatic hosting she has been doing, but, wanted to re-read her speech, and finally checked the UN Women for Peace Association that she noted on March 8. Gave myself a head-smack for ignoring it, wrongly assuming it is something that is part of the UN:

    Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff once worked for Wintour, developed the Met Costume Institute Gala into ‘Oscar’s East’, developed NY Fashion Week… and, has been Melania’s friend since 1997, planned the Inauguration, and is Melania’s official Senior Advisor. SW-W also had emergency spine surgery maybe March 3 – it was ONLY reported at NY Post-Page Six, which I thought odd that such a story got zero echo.

    The only Meryl Streep films I still watch are “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Julie and Julia”, mostly for Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams, respectively, and Stanley Tucci in both, but, they are Streep’s best performances. If you have not seen TDWP, that is the best way to understand why I have been following FLOTUS Fashion Wars. It is good to know that SW-W is too. Yes, I pretend that the WH sees my comments, because I am the only one posting the real stories, in my comments.

    In all fairness to Anna Wintour, she has tried to prevent this – she asked Trump to meet all the Conde Nast editors, and he did, with his team, on Jan. 6, at One World Trade Center. She also knows everything Melania wears sells out, and the Stiletto Battle was stupid.

    Nice symbolism that 9/11/2017 was the day the StyleCultureFashionMedia War started the return to normal. Can not think of a better word, because of Anton’s “Flight 93 election” essay, and this:
    POTUS Aug, 30 2017 Tweet – “After reading the false reporting and even ferocious anger in some dying magazines, it makes me wonder,
    WHY? All I want to do is #MAGA!”

    Kudos also to Gov. Huntsman, for patiently waiting, not succumbing to the mass hysteria. His business, and China, experience will be a good fit in Moscow.

    Today was my attempt to organize material, especially to track POTUS’ official hosting, visits, and bilaterals with other Heads of State. I had missed a few – it is incredible what he, Melania; and VP Pence, and Karen, have been accomplishing in the ‘conduct of foreign relations’, probably helping pave the Netanyahu visit to Buenos Aires, on a Boeing. I saw a photos, and it looks like Sara has been getting a fashion assist from Melania.

    Also today – was trying to figure out how to better save my comment-stories. TAI erased all comment threads from the Features when they had their try at replacing Disqus. That day will come. Hence, my flurry of upvotes. Thought your comment on RT, and this post, was karma.

    Another very interesting read:
    “Will Russia tolerate Israeli actions in Syria? READ IN: עברית T
    Ben Caspit September 11, 2017 ”


    • leoj

      You should not confine your comments on fashion to disqus, I’m telling you. Even a little wordpress blog that you update now and again, with images and commentary on the coverage would be interesting. I’m not sure how much work it would be, but it seems like there is more than enough material to comment upon even without digging into historical coverage.

      • D4x

        Thnak you, but, while I may be into art and design, my interest in FLOTUS fashion started as visual fun in an otherwise ugly, negative world, especially ugly fashion. As the ‘resistance’ turned to NeverNormalizeTrumps, following this War Against FLOTUS was still more pleasant, even fascinating as to how she is using fashion in subtle symbolism, or messaging. Writing is not my strength. If I were to blog, I would happily focus on history & geography.

        It seems New York Fashion Week started last Thursday. The Guardian strikes again (and, I did wonder about her shirt on Sunday, return from Camp David, so now I understand):


        “From Melania Trump to American nightmares – what
        caused a stir at New York fashion week? The first lady wasn’t at the shows, but she chose to wear Raf Simons – beloved by the liberal elite – during NYFW. But even if she wasn’t making a political statement, plenty of designers were”
        Hannah Marriott Wednesday 13 September 2017 01.00EDT”

        However, the real surprise was learning why Melania wore Blahnik stilettos to Texas on Aug, 29 and Sept. 2, besides the fact that she really likes them. Since it IS Fashion Week, this story, by the reporter who used to cover FLOTUS for WWD, added a level of messaging that turned into an armchair museum visit. Keep in mind how she enchanted Putin on July 7, and the three Trump children are half-Czech. This will be my sign-off – really do have too many other, not fun, things piling up, not good to be reminded that the only museum on earth I wish I had visited is The Hermitage:


        “Manolo Blahnik on His New Documentary ‘Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards’: Manolo Blahnik has a new documentary out Friday and his traveling museum exhibition bows in Madrid in November.” By Rosemary Feitelberg on September 11, 2017

        “…“Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes.” I’m going to be in
        Madrid Nov. 27 for the opening. I did one in Prague. It was incredible. The first week there were crowds and I don’t even sell in the country. … This summer the Hermitage Museum was incredible, too. We had queues of 200,000. But in Russia, we sell. Russia is totally like New York, St. Petersburg is at least. There are all these fashionable people in the streets. People stop you and talk to you. It’s very nice….”


        “Called “Manolo Blahnik. The Art of Shoes,” the retrospective celebrates the designer’s career spanning 46 years. By Sandra
        Salibian on January 26, 2017

        …Milan is only the first leg of the touring exhibit, which will stop in other relevant locations for the designer. These include the State
        Museum Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he often looks for inspiration; the Museum Kampa in Prague, Czech Republic, which is the paternal home of his family and the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Madrid, to honor the designer’s Spanish roots. As its final stop, the show will be held at the BATA shoe museum in Toronto in 2018.”


        Eighty-three (83) slides to enjoy, when I sign back on.

        “From the 26th of January to the 9th of April at Palazzo Morando-Costume Moda Immagine, via Sant’Andrea 6 in Milan.

        “May 11 to July 23 2017 The State Hermitage Museum, St.
        Petersburg, Russia” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/407c79249ae35e8c506a4c1c5febdeb6a52a4bf8768848b2391dc91149d02aa3.png
        Vogue- Russia was a sponsor

        “Aug 11 to Nov 12 2017 Museum Kampa, Prague, Czech Republic”
        “…His work entered the mainstream, when ‘Manolos’ became the
        footwear choice of Carrie Bradshaw in the popular HBO series Sex and the City. He was also asked to create shoes for the film of Sofia Coppola, Marie Antoinette.

        Blahnik’s shoes are creations of exquisite workmanship and
        luxury; they have spellbound an international set of adoring and loyal devotees. “Shoes,” he says, “help transform a woman.” They are one-of-a-kind, always feminine and sexy yet still playful and with a ton of humor. He creates shoes you never thought existed, they are simply put – works of art.”

        “Eskima” Blahnik
        cultural appropriation, or art?

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