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Nate Silver: The Liberal Media Really Is A Problem

Regular readers know that we think the extreme liberal bias of the mainstream media makes for a less-informed electorate and a less intelligent discourse. In a piece that we hope liberals will share widely, Nate Silver explains how media bias makes news coverage and analysis dumber:

[P]olitical experts aren’t a very diverse group and tend to place a lot of faith in the opinions of other experts and other members of the political establishment. Once a consensus view is established, it tends to reinforce itself until and unless there’s very compelling evidence for the contrary position. Social media, especially Twitter, can amplify the groupthink further. It can be an echo chamber.

Silver explains that the media doesn’t just suffer from political homogeneity. The decline of local newspapers has led to a concentration of reporting conducted in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington. As Silver puts it, “a more geographically decentralized reporting pool might have asked more questions about why Clinton wasn’t campaigning in Wisconsin.”

It’s an excellent article that, among other things, gives some sense of why the media got so many major 2016 stories wrong. You should read the whole thing.

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