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No Puppet
Team Trump at the UN: Still Not Russian Patsies

The U.S. and Russia are once again clashing in the Security Council, with UN Ambassador Nikki Haley laying into Russia for vetoing a resolution to sanction Syria for its use of chemical weapons. The Wall Street Journal reports 

The U.S. on Tuesday accused Russia of covering for Syria’s use of chemical weapons, and Russia accused the U.S. of using false pretenses to impose sanctions to try to topple Syria’s government.

The tense exchange mirrored those between Russia and previous U.S. administrations, offering a telling look at deep divisions that remain even as President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, have vowed to improve ties. […]

“It is a sad day on the Security Council when member states start making excuses for other member states killing their own people,” Ms. Haley said. She added the vote signaled to the world that allies of Russia and China would be protected even if they kill their own people.

If one didn’t know better, one might think it was Samantha Power making those comments; Haley’s tough rhetoric here belies the narrative of Trump being a Putin lackey. Nor is this is the first time that the Trump administration has blasted Moscow: last month, Haley chided Russia at the Security Council for its aggression in eastern Ukraine, Secretary of State Tillerson confirmed that the U.S. would uphold existing policy on Ukraine, and Defense Secretary Mattis dismissed the idea of collaborating militarily with Russia in Syria. Meanwhile, Trump has been promising defense budget hikes and an expansion of the nuclear arsenal, both proposals that have alarmed Moscow.

These are hardly the moves of an administration run by a Manchurian candidate. As WRM noted in his essay last week, if Trump really were a Russian mole, he would begin to shift American policy in ways that tangibly benefit Russia. So far, that hasn’t happened, and the Kremlin is still waiting for a payoff to Trump’s earlier conciliatory rhetoric. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted as much today: “We are full of patience,” Peskov said when asked about Trump’s Russia policy, “and are waiting for some kind of actions to follow these statements that will allow us to understand … the perspectives for bilateral relations.” Judging by Trump’s early hawkish moves, Moscow could be waiting for a rapprochement that never comes.

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  • Disappeared4x

    Building new paradigms that defy conventional wisdom comes slowly and softly. Perhaps Amb. Haley is laying the groundwork for a reconfiguration of why any of the five permanent members of the UN NSC deploy their veto.

  • Dhako

    I do take it, that, this parish (i.e., TAI) took upon themselves to be Trump’s cheerleaders. But sometimes you really over did your absurd sycophancy to a degree that wasn’t known before that it could even exist. And by that I mean, you do know that Ms Haley may be official the US’s ambassador at the UN. But in all essence, she doesn’t represent the political agenda of Trump. Which means, she is in effect some kind of a “releasing valve” intended to distract others from examining the close relationship between Trump and Kremlin.

    Furthermore, with the news of Jeff Session being in cahoot with Russians in all over the news, as well as the then clock-work dealings of the departed Gen. Flynn with his Russian’s handlers, it’s singular poor form of argument to say, that, there is no connection between Trump and the Russians side. So all one can say about this issue is that you certainly have the right and the political privilege to talk six ways till Sunday in defending Trump’s administration’s dalliance with the Russians, while, of course, for good measure, using the insignificant rants of Ms Haley as your “smoking gun” of an alibi.

    But if you want your readers to pay attention to your “distraction” in full, I would suggest to you to let us know the day the likes of Bannon, Conway, Trump himself, Session, Kushner, and even Miller, takes to the airwaves and start denouncing the actions of Mr Putin and his Russians agenda, But till then see to it, chaps, to spare us the usual guff about how Ms Haley’s latest public relation missives about what Russians are up uttered at the UN is the be all and end all of Mr Trump’s administration’s agenda towards Russia.

    • RedWell

      Bingo. The working assumption above is that Trump, like Obama, keeps a tight ship on messaging and tone. There is absolutely not evidence of that. Indeed, Trump’s basic management style is hands-off, with competition and sometimes chaos below him. Haley is basically off on her own with a standard GOP foreign policy view. That is deepened by the fact that she is has had, and likely will have, a separate political career from Trump.

    • Tom

      I realize that in your universe “not always predicting imminent doom and gloom” = “cheerleading,” but someone who works for the CCP should know better.

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