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Trump's Cabinet
Is AG Sessions a Good Thing for Immigration Reform?
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  • Psalms564

    Excellent article.

  • Suzy Dixon

    It’s a felony to harbor illegals, and/or encourage them to and assist them in coming to the US.
    “Sanctuary city” mayors are felons and need to be arrested per 8 US Code Section 1324

    • Jim__L

      If it’s a law, it should be enforced.

      If it’s a bad law, it should be repealed.

      These laws should not stand as they are, and give the government leeway to harass people as the government sees fit.

  • Disappeared4x

    Good analysis. Oxymoron of the post 11/8/16 era: “A clever Democratic party could have used this moment…” Identity Politics and zombie-like discipline to talking points has destroyed the brand still clinging to the label “Democratic Party”. They should have remembered to hide delegitimization behind obstructionism.

  • GS

    The vote for Jeff Sessions was not strictly party-line: Joe Manchin is listed as D – WVa senator.

  • Eurydice

    Well, NAACP “award” not “awards”, and the NAACP denies having given him an award of any kind and says that the particular type of award mentioned doesn’t even exist, but it’s possible that it’s a one-time thing from a local chapter. In any case, the Democrats have been disappointing in their “war against Trump.” Perhaps years of pretty, yet empty, speeches have made them flabby.

  • Captain Jack

    I am for immigration reform too. Enforce existing law and add substantial penalties for someone re-entering the US after being deported, say 2 year minimum for regular illegals, 5 year minimum for those with criminal records or who fled while under indictment. There seems to be a bias for immigration — why? What is the benefit to regular citizens of the US? Immigrants benefit the elite Republicans and Dems who want cheaper labor and domestic help and promise more voters for Dems down the road, but how does immigration help average Americans? Well it doesn’t — immigrants bring more crime, disease, poverty, and — from a number of places — terrorism. And regular Americans pay for it all with higher taxes, imperiled health, more crime, and more terrorism. Immigration is a big negative for average Americans and we don’t need it any more. With more than 300 million people, how many do we need? Sure, the immigrants benefit — if we let in everyone who would benefit probably 6 of the 7 billion on Earth would come, but that is not reasonable or acceptable. However, the standard for deciding what to do on this or any issue must be what benefits America overall, not a few elites. We are no longer in the 19th Century.

    • FriendlyGoat

      “Average Americans” did not win this election. Republican elites won this election and the cheaper labor thing is most certainly not going away. What you will see is every industry wanting guest workers being permitted to have guest workers by one scheme or another. By the end of Trump’s first term you will see as many or more (probably more) foreigners actually working jobs in America than are working them right now. The employers will have a big door in the wall (Mr. Trump said so) and they will be relieved of the indignity of being called lawbreakers for hiring “illegals” because the ones they hire will all be made “temporarily” legal. The immigrants will go from being scared of deportation because they are secret to being scared of deportation because they are government-registered. Additionally, we will probably see an emphasis on single guest workers and a de-emphasis on immigrant families to lessen the likelihood of immigrants giving birth to American citizens while here. For that matter, we can probably also expect a move against birthright citizenship altogether. “Comprehensive” is going to have a whole new definition.

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