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Blue Model Border Patrol
New Year, Same Broken Immigration System
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  • vepxistqaosani

    Coulter’s book is fallacious, in the logical sense: it is, by far, the longest example of the fallacy of composition I’ve ever read. Anyone who is (or knows of) a virtuous immigrant from South of the Rio Grande could disprove it.

    Her argument could also easily be disproved by government statistics — if it were not that those statistics do not exist. This is a very odd thing in a country as obsessed with racial, ethnic, and religious bean-counting as the United States, which leads to an obvious question: Why do we not collect statistics on our immigrants (both legal and illegal)?

    • Tom

      As to the latter, because it’s difficult to collect statistics on people who hide in the shadows.
      As to the former, I think that data is available. I’m just not sure where.

    • Josephbleau

      Mr. Obama is concerned with and will probably erase the statistical data set composed of dreamers who submitted data to seek advantage of his program. Collecting redacted data on illegal immigrants makes you an accessory after the fact, or is perhaps merely an obstruction of justice. That may be why no one does it.

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