Europe's Immigrant Crisis
Merkel’s New Calculus

No longer can German Chancellor Angela Merkel promise a safe haven for migrants, TAI executive committee member and Die Zeit editor Joe Joffe writes in The Guardian:

Merkel now says that if the perpetrator is indeed a refugee, “this would be extremely hard for us to bear,” and it “would be particularly repugnant for all those Germans, who toil daily to help refugees”.

Thus do good intentions come to a nasty end. For Merkel, the “open door” was a grand moral gesture stemming from Germany’s ugly past – an act of historical atonement. So is the ultra-liberal state that followed Nazi totalitarianism. “Never again!” explains why Germany, remembering the deadly fate of its Jews trying to escape extermination, opened its borders last summer.

Controls are now back, and they will be tightened – as will domestic surveillance. The noblest of intentions go awry when terror legitimates anti-migrant and isolationist parties on the right, and on the far left. Populism is always both left and right.

It’s a sobering assessment, and one which rings all too true to us here at Via Meadia. The rest of the article is important; you should read the whole thing.

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