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Europe's Immigrant Crisis
Merkel’s New Calculus

No longer can German Chancellor Angela Merkel promise a safe haven for migrants, TAI executive committee member and Die Zeit editor Joe Joffe writes in The Guardian:

Merkel now says that if the perpetrator is indeed a refugee, “this would be extremely hard for us to bear,” and it “would be particularly repugnant for all those Germans, who toil daily to help refugees”.

Thus do good intentions come to a nasty end. For Merkel, the “open door” was a grand moral gesture stemming from Germany’s ugly past – an act of historical atonement. So is the ultra-liberal state that followed Nazi totalitarianism. “Never again!” explains why Germany, remembering the deadly fate of its Jews trying to escape extermination, opened its borders last summer.

Controls are now back, and they will be tightened – as will domestic surveillance. The noblest of intentions go awry when terror legitimates anti-migrant and isolationist parties on the right, and on the far left. Populism is always both left and right.

It’s a sobering assessment, and one which rings all too true to us here at Via Meadia. The rest of the article is important; you should read the whole thing.

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  • MikePM

    Angela Merkel is just another weak-minded simpleton who allowed herself to be succesfully brainwashed by the cult of multigenerational collective white guilt.

    She is as politically finished now as the Bush and Clinton dynasties are (as she fully deserves to be), but completely innocent German people aren’t finished paying for her foolishness. Not by a long shot.

    After all, that is the entire point of the cult of multigenerational white guilt: that we must all suffer more for the crimes of our grandfathers, because…… simply because. Permanently? I certainly hope not and that this current phase of political insanity in the west will one day fade away, but I’m afraid it’s possible that too many people have a vested interest in not letting that happen.

    • ——————————

      “After all, that is the entire point of the cult of multigenerational collective white guilt: that we must all suffer more for the crimes of our grandfathers, because…… simply because.”

      Whites did no crimes, we were just the strongest in the food chain….simply Darwinism in action, and definitely nothing to be guilty of. Besides, we have pretty much moved past that behavior in recent history.

      Anyway, if those supposed ‘crimes’ didn’t happen, the supposed victims wouldn’t be here to whine about the past….

      • MikePM

        I should probably clarify here and say that in no way am I rationalizing the awful things that were done by some white people in the past, especially when you’re talking about a society like Nazi Germany. Hitler and his followers were truly evil and despicable people, and they deserve nothing but outright contempt and condemnation.

        I just don’t believe in the idea of collective guilt is all, whether you’re talking about a nation or a race, especially several generations later, and I never will. It’s completely pointless and foolish for leaders like Merkel to needlessly risk the lives of her people, most of whom have done absolutely nothing wrong, because she thinks it will somehow help to balance out history and atone for the sins of people who are almost all long gone. It makes no sense on any logical level at all.

        • ——————————

          Many awful things have been done by many races and peoples to each other all throughout history. It is just human nature.
          It is only in the last hundred and fifty years or so (since the creation of technology…which has enabled humans to move away from their true nature), that we have recognized them as awful, and attempted to not repeat them. So it is only in recent history that they are viewed as ‘crimes’ and have caused the ‘guilt’.

          There is no way to take the awful things back, so as long as we don’t repeat them it is best to just move on….

          • Jim__L

            If you think technology enables humans to move away from our true nature, you’re dreaming.

            Every age has its troubles, and we need to face them as best we can. Borrowing the troubles of the past simply makes matters worse.

          • ——————————

            “If you think technology enables humans to move away from our true nature, you’re dreaming.”

            Actually it has…and in so many ways.

            Just permanently shut down all the electrical grids down across the planet and see how many generations it takes humanity to return to where we were before this technological dream ride started….

        • Jim__L

          Particularly because most of the people who bought into the crimes died as a result of the conflict born of those crimes, over 70 years ago.

          The reasoning of the Constitution for Treason can and should be extended to lesser crimes, like racism…”The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”

          So, just like holding Chelsea responsible for Hillary’s email fiasco is wrong, reparations for Slavery — and for Naziism that almost every German alive today is too young to have participated in as anyone other than collateral damage — are wrong.

  • Beauceron


    Our elites are out to destroy the West root and branch. Merkel has not had a change of heart– she just needs to say these thing to buy herself some time and give herself a bit of wiggle room to operate.

    Germany took in 1.2 million mostly muslim peoples over the last year. So she’ll deport a few thousand– and so what? It’s moved from 1.2 million to 1.19 million?

    Merkel has destroyed her country just as the US elites, on both the Democratic and Republican side of the aisle, have destroyed the US. There is nothing that can be done about it. It’s over. Heck, after all the problems and murders and rapes and assaults and robberies these people have caused in Germany (see, as that truck was plowing through the Christmas market, Merkel was attending an International Migrant Day celebration ( The elite do not care about us– indeed they hate us. They ignore us and despise us. So they are getting rid of us.

    • Tom

      There are 80 million people residing in Germany, less than five million of whom are Muslim.


      • Fat_Man

        Fifty years ago. There were no Muslims. Within the next fifty years they will reach a tipping point, the Muslims will take over, and put the non-muslims to the choice: convert or die. That has happened every where there are Muslims.

        A hundred years from now, German will be spoken only in Hell.

        • JR

          There is a third way, which is to fight. Israelis have shown that you can withstand Muslim hordes even with a severe numerical disadvantage.

          • ——————————

            Let’s go!

          • JR

            To do it right now, you need to be a leader. I’m not a leader. I’m a follower. Peter Thiel is a leader. Mike Bloomberg is a leader.
            but if I feel like I’m threatened and somebody else is a leader in need of men, I can be persuaded.

          • ——————————

            Leaders will emerge if things get out of hand. We are not there yet, but I am with you on that.
            If things ever get to that point in my lifetime, I will do what ever I can to stop the insidious Musloid disease.

          • f1b0nacc1

            I am less desirous of an entirely defensive policy of the sort that has been forced upon the Israelis by circumstances and available resources.

            The time has come to make matters clear. The Muslim world can live in peace with us, or they can be treated as the threat that they are. That will require a fundamental change in their behavior, but the time for tolerance is over.

            This is an ugly and unhappy prospect, but it is their choice.

        • Tom

          Right, so that’s slightly less alarmist than Beauceron up there.

      • Beauceron


        That’s what people like you were saying about America in 1990. Now look at us. That’s what people like you were saying in France in 2000. Now look at France.

        We’ve been chilling an awful lot while our elites have slowly and inexorably boxed people out.

        The future of France (and increasingly Italy, Belgium, Sweden and now Germany) is Islam. Period. France will be majority muslim in 20 years or so ( It’s too late to stop it now. The future of America is one of Balkanization.

        But let’s just all chill, right? It’s cool, man.

        • Tom

          (Looks around) You do realize that we’re still doing pretty good, right? Furthermore, in order for France to be majority Muslim in 20 years, their Muslim population would have to more than sextuple while their non-Muslim population would have to drop by more than half in less than one generation.
          How exactly do you think that’s going to be accomplished?

          • Beauceron


            I don’t realize that at all.

            Where are you getting your numbers from?

            1 in every 4 French teenagers are Muslim today. When you look at adolescents the number is certainly higher than that, probably 35%


            We are talking 2 maybe three decades here. Certainly by 2070.

            I get that you think that is a great and wonderful thing– diversity uber alles and all that. I, however, do not think when the majority of people living in France are muslim that it will really be France anymore– at least not the France we have known. I am not sure how correct these numbers are– translated from French to Italian to English, but they predict France will be 40% Muslim in 2030. 10 years or so. A prediction of 50% by 2050 or 2060 is pretty conservative, really.

            May I ask when was the last time you were in Paris or Marseille? For anyone who has been going there for a while, the changes just over the past decade are– well I find them to be a bit alarming. You may find them to be culturally enriching. Mileage varies.

          • Tom

            I’ll admit that I’ve not been to France–ever. And while I’m slightly concerned about Islamism overtaking Europe, I find most of the worries to be–overblown.
            As to the numbers, even the article you cited doesn’t put the Muslim population of France at higher than 6 million, out of a population of 67 million. I’m not seeing the Muslims more than quadrupling their share of the population in fourteen years.

          • Jim__L

            Beauceron has a way of catastrophizing near-term. Double his time horizon, though, and he’s pretty much dead-on.

            Where Beauceron goes most wrong is in the idea that he repeats occasionally that it’s too late to do anything about anything, and we’re all doomed. From my point of view, we still have the time to arrive at the best outcome we can, although we have to get cracking now.

            What is the best outcome? Well, it involves having at least one president willing to take a page from Teddy Roosevelt’s playbook, and go all-in against hyphenated Americans. (To reach those hardened by PC, he could take a page from France’s playbook, and emphasize that American-ness is actually a cultural social construct like Frenchness, not a racial one.) It involves going all-in on a program of assimilation to what is honestly the best culture humanity has yet developed — Western Civilization.

            Assimilation must be the order of the day, learning English, learning about the United States’ historic roots from England and Renaissance / Reformation / Enlightenment Europe, all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Taking the onerous burdens off of public Christian evangelism would be a huge help as well.

            To make all this possible, policies excoriated by the academic Left must be vigorously pursued — immigration needs to be severely curtailed to give the melting pot a chance to work, Political Correctness needs to be crushed in the university system (defunding the public and taxing the private).

            Education must be returned (aside from glaring injustices like segregation) back to the classically-inspired state it was in while the United States was in its ascendancy — not the rot we have seen since the beginnings, 50 years ago, of our Leftist-inspired and -imposed senescence. Introducing vouchers nationally would be the best way to discover the best practices currently out there.

            Family-friendly policies must be enacted — including a push to valorize motherhood again, ending “stuck in school until you’re 30, work on your career until you’re 40” as a cultural expectation as it’s so far removed from actual human biology, officially deprecating no-fault divorce, encouraging a telecommuting-born exurban bloom to come into flower, ending urban-oriented policies and subsidies, and keeping as a development goal a link of no more than a factor of four between median income and median 3-bedroom house price (allowing a 1.5-job family to prudently own a median house.)

            Some significant actions are needed. Honestly, it’s nothing too dramatic — unless you consider actually enforcing laws (like on immigration) to be dramatic, or unless you’ve been on the Grievance-studies gravy train for life, in which case you can kiss your pathological, parasitic, human-catastrophe-inducing livelihood goodbye.

            If we don’t do these things, in 70 years America could well follow Continental Europe (who’s there in 50 years tops) as an extension of dar-al-Islam. That’s just the way it’s going.

          • Disappeared4x

            ‘student-centered learning’ (no teacher speaking facts) also needs to be tamed. Interesting what happened to French education when they their dropped their national curriculum, and adopted this American idea in 1989. “Curriculum is the Cure” at City-Journal Dec 12 2016


          • Tom

            I’d actually put it at a century, at the minimum, before we went Islamic. 1% of the American population is Islamic, and most of our main immigration sources are Christian.

          • Jim__L

            Considering European birthrates and migration patterns, what you say is impossible in 20 years is almost entirely certain in 50.

        • solstice

          You speak of Muslims in Europe as though they were a unified, monolithic bloc and ignore that they are heavily weakened by their internal divisions (i.e. Sunni vs. Shia, nationalist vs. Islamist vs. liberal, Muslim Brotherhood vs. Salafi, ethnic hatreds, etc.). Heck, even Al-Qaeda and ISIS despise each other and are slaughtering each other in the Middle East and Africa. Don’t you think such divisions would severely complicate a complete Islamic takeover of Europe? You also ignore the imploding Muslim birth rates in both the Muslim world and Europe as female literacy rates rise, the silent conversion of many Muslims to Christianity and atheism, the significant percentage of Muslims who are secular and want nothing to do with sharia, the exponential growth of anti-Islamic, right-wing parties in Europe in recent years, and how exponential technological progress is accelerating these trends.

          Don’t get me wrong; I think Europe’s experiment with mass Islamic immigration has been a disaster and that it will take enormous measures to properly address the damage that Europe’s political elites have inflicted on it. There will certainly be more Islamic terrorist attacks and crime as well as additional problems caused by unassimilable Islamic ghettos. But that is a far cry from what you are predicting.

      • ——————————

        Your joking, right??

        Do you have a through understanding of basic human nature?…let alone that of the average Musloid?

        I’ll bet there was a time when the American Indians thought the same thing about the white man, or the Mexicans about the white settlers they allowed into the area now known as Texas….

        • Tom

          Um, yes.
          I’m wondering whether or not you do, though, given your somewhat shaky grasp on the demographics of Colonial North America or early 1830s Texas.

          • ——————————

            Actually I do. Most of us Texans are quite aware of our past. Interesting change of the subject though…or not….

            Anyway, “Less than 5 million of whom are Muslim”…yikes, scary mentality.
            It’s statements like that that make me wish I liked to type!

          • Tom

            I’m just wondering why on earth you’re comparing a sparsely populated territory months of travel away from the central government with the United States.

  • Nevis07

    The thing is, Merkel herself said that multiculturalism is a failed concept as far back as 2010. But the issue here is that of assimilation and integration. When you have such vast numbers of people coming into the country, whether it be the US or Germany or Britain, a country can only absorb so many people of a different background, language and religion at a time. The bigger the differences and the larger the numbers the less likely they are to integrate. Hence, the point that multiculturalism is a failed ideology is not that immigration as a concept failed but rather that immigrants did not assimilate and integrate.

  • Disappeared4x

    Merkel IS guilty of misreading those Ostdeutchlanders left behind, but this is Guardianspin on Merkel, whose ‘open door’ was as much about the depopulation of East Germany since re-unification as “…an act of historical atonement”.

    From January 26, 2016 Deutsche Welle:

    “…Around the time of German reunification, the five new federal states in the country’s East lost around 1.8 million citizens. The
    study released Tuesday found that despite increases in cities in recent years, in 85 percent of eastern municipalities migration outflows still outweigh new arrivals.

    “That means the gap between growing and shrinking areas is increasing further,” said Klingholz. The study’s authors say refugees
    who’ve come to Germany could help change this.

    “This opens up the opportunity to attract new residents,” said Klingholz. “Where refugees settle permanently, schools can be saved from closure, new shops or small businesses emerge, and vacant spaces made into living areas.”

    • Jim__L

      I’m curious why more Greens aren’t simply content to let the old lands of the East go wild, rather than pack more people into them.

      • Disappeared4x

        Germany has an aging population, someone needs to utilize the already built environment in the East.

        Perhaps there are not enough Lithuanians to do the cleaning in Germany.
        In 1998, I was on a cruise ship from Helsinki to Stockholm, for an offsite work seminar. A lot of dust and schmutz. Some of us starting getting sick in the first hour. I joked to a Finnish colleague who was also working in the NY office: “You need some Mexicans!” (it was 1998!)

        With a totally straight face*, he replied “We have Lithuanians”
        * the only Finns who do not ALWAYS have straight faces have Swedish ancestry.

        • Jim__L

          So much for the stereotype of the fastidiously neat Scandinavian. Don’t people have any sense anymore that we really ought to keep our own spaces clean?

          • Disappeared4x

            In all fairness, it was a cruise ship with offshore gambling & duty-free liquor, owner unknown. I think my Finnish colleagues knew to avoid having us all at the stunning HQ because of the cultural misunderstandings over co-ed saunas in the workplace.

  • Fat_Man

    They are always surprised. She was warned, and she rejected the warnings as being evidence of SIX-HIRB*. And Angela Merkel is surprised, just like Obama and Samantha Power are surprised. See “A Sad Metaphor” here at TAI.

    The reason for this eternal surprise is the ultimate failure of leftism to understand the world. They believe that history follows a preordained path, that path will lead to a world that they rule, and that in the world to come they will be able to reform human nature. Their theme song is John Lennon’s “Imagine”:

    “Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do.

    Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion, too

    Imagine all the people living life in peace

    * * *

    “Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can.

    No need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man. …”

    Conservatives know that this vision is a wild fantasy, with no roots in the world and men as they are. We know that men are possessed of an evil inclination, that: “their feet run to do evil, they make haste to shed innocent blood, and their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity …” (Is 59:7). We know that history may not repeat itself, but that it rhymes because the engine of history is human nature, which never changes. Our theme song is Steely Dan’s “Only a Fool Would Say That”:

    A world become one, of salads and sun, only a fool would say that
    * * *
    I heard it was you talking about a world where all is free,
    It just couldn’t be, and only a fool would say that.

    So to Angela Merkle, we say: “Did you think they would be any different in Germany, than they were in their homelands, which are squalid cesspits of hatred, ignorance, and violence? Really? What were you smoking?”

    And to Samantha Power, we say: “Did you think that the world would change because you and your little friends told it that it was not being nice? Really? What were you smoking?”

    And to Obama, we say “Did you think that the “Arc of History” would bend because of you? Did you believe the “Peace Prize Committee” in Norway? Really? What were you, and those old white dudes in Norway, smoking?”

    *Sexist, Intolerant, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamophobic, Racist, Bigoted.

  • FriendlyGoat

    When the fear of Muslim violence somehow prevents Christians from acting like Christians, then Muslims are in charge more than anyone wants to admit. You can see this in the rising of rage against Merkel for her efforts to gin up compassion for refugees and you can see it in the militarization of civilian places of the West in 15 years of post-9/11 security. One wonders if the Muslim community knows it is on the way to destroying Christianity from inside by turning it into a paranoid fortress. Remember, I’m not talking about countries. I am talking about whether Christians can exhibit the spirit of Jesus, or whether the Christians are politically required to be pre-occupied with “something else”.

    • ——————————

      Oh I don’t know…the Crusades worked out pretty well….

      • FriendlyGoat

        Perhaps you have a romantic idea of the “adventure” of being sent out in a legion to kill somebody with a sword in the name of Jesus? I don’t.

        • LarryD

          The first two crusades (the only ones officially called for by the Pope) were reactions against Muslim incursions into Christian territories. The rest were opportunistic. The Muslims should take warning from that, but they haven’t. They should also take warning from their experiences between the US and the Barbary Coast. The MSM has been doing everything they can to quench the natural reaction to attacks upon us. That’s wearing out. Eventually the Muslims will roll snake-eyes, and the population of either Europe or the US (or both) will revert to ancient type. And the Islamists will have their war between civilizations.

        • ——————————

          Perhaps I have a realistic idea of what it may take to end the Muslim threat someday.

          I wonder why someone would describe the reason for wars fought by others throughout history who were fighting to retain their way of life, fighting against an evil oppressor, or fighting for their freedom, as being “romantic” or “adventurous”?…unless of course, they are on the left….

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