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The European Immigration Crisis
EU Approves New Border and Coast Guard Agency
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  • Beauceron

    “and a border agency of whom much the same could be said”
    You have got to be joking.
    Well, perhaps big and well-equipped, but certainly near useless. Even after much work, we still have upwards of 400,000 illegals entering the country through the southern border every single year, and while that’s down from 1.2 million a year, it is still shockingly high. We essentially have no southern border, and we certainly have nothing to teach the EU about controlling borders.

    • Andrew Allison

      A more accurate statement would be that we essentially have no land borders. Happily, the Canadians seem happy where they are. Terrorists are another matter.

  • Angel Martin

    Such a sense of urgency. This doesn’t even pass the laugh test.

    “The new Agency’s human resources will more than double that of Frontex, to reach 1,000 permanent staff, including field operatives, by 2020.”

  • Boritz

    If the EU needs training assistance the Swiss are managing their border and their immigration system just fine, and they are a lot closer. Perhaps this could be supplemented with sailing and nautical instruction from the U.S. Coast Guard.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The EU needs to die. It is a top down enforced union, without a Constitution. At best it can be called a Confederacy, and those never work for long. It was just 25 years ago that another top down enforced union disintegrated, when the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact died. The pressures and stresses the Euro and the EU now face, will only continue to grow.

    This new border and coast guard agency is very late incoming, and will take years to establish, and at 1,500 personnel is tiny (US ICE has 20,000, and the TSA has 56,000, and how competent are they?).

    Also it does nothing to address the economic migration within the EU, or the economic, cultural, and language, disparity between the member nations.

    And finally, Western Culture is under assault by the inferior and incompatible Islamic Culture. Without the Western Culture’s “Rule of Law” and other ideals of the “Enlightenment”, Modern Civilization can’t exist. And yet the Globalists are of the opinion that Western Nations can allow massive numbers of Muslims in, and that somehow everything will be OK. The huge numbers of Muslims that are already in Western prisons even before the most recent massive immigration, disputes this opinion. A simple survey of Muslim dominated nations shows that none of them can support a Modern Civilization. While the Muslim Oil nations may live well they didn’t even develop their own Oil fields, and all their modern conveniences come from the Civilized West.

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