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The European Immigration Crisis
Another Domino Falls in Europe

Those “temporary” border closures just keep coming. As Politico Europe reports:

The Belgian government deployed extra police to the French border to prevent migrants from the Calais refugee ‘jungle’ crossing into Belgium, Minister of Interior Affairs Jan Jambon said Tuesday.

“We want to avoid that tent camps are created on our side of the border, partially because of the upcoming tourist season, and have started to deploy 250 to 290 police officers on a daily basis,” the minister said at a press conference announcing the measures.

The government notified the European Union Tuesday of the temporary suspension of the Schengen agreement on free movement.

The Jungle is an ongoing condemnation of the French economy and prospects for France’s future: Even semi-literate migrants would rather sleep out in the cold and rain for a chance at making it to Britain than settle in France. Likely, that’s also why they’re headed to Belgium—which has other crossings to the UK.

More broadly, this news highlights the one thing the powers-that-be in Brussels and Berlin are right about with regard to the immigration crisis: Absent a pan-European solution, a lot of responses to the crisis will result simply in passing the problem around. Unfortunately, nobody—from the Visegrad countries in the East to France in the West—trusts the solutions that the German government and the EU have been putting forward. And so we continue to have cascading border closures and ever-more-permanent “temporary” measures.

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  • Beauceron

    “The Jungle is an ongoing condemnation of the French economy and prospects for France’s future”

    I think those nations whose economy was bad enough that they got passed over for mass muslim immigration in 2015 will be grateful in 2050.

    • Fat_Man

      France has already got a metric ton of Muslims. Remember Charlie Hebdo? Bataclan? They don’t hardly need anymore.

      BTW, why can’t they pick these “refugees” up by the scruffs of their necks, and take them back to the places from which they came?

      • Dale Fayda

        Because, like I’ve pointed out numerous times, they’re gutless, worthless turds. The current crop of EUnuchs will never grow enough of a spine to perform the extremely unpleasant political lifting, which would inevitably come with the implementation the policies you advise. Their corrective loss of courage and moral fiber is comprehensive – the poisoned fruit of their now-imploding Social Democracy. Being liberals, they are the weakest among us.

        • Fat_Man

          Yes, that is all true. But, this is money. It has to be a lot cheaper to fly them home business class, than it is to keep them.

          • Dale Fayda

            You know that kind of logic doesn’t play with cowards. Weakness and appeasement are in their DNA.

  • Jim__L

    If Merkel wants to be caretaker of all the people of the entire world, why doesn’t she volunteer to be Empress of the World?

    Oh wait, that’s not a real thing.

    In the meantime, she really ought to be paying a bit of attention to the Germans, who put her into office and pay her paycheck.

  • Proud Skeptic

    When Ellis Island was in operation, people with diseases were not allowed entry into the country and were sent back to where they came from lest they infected others and cause an epidemic.
    Good analogy to Islam.

  • Blackbeard

    Yes, the problems are mounting, but how are the Europeans going to stop the immigrants? Overland, Turkey controls the border with Lebanon and Syria and they are neither going to stop these immigrants nor keep them all in Turkey. If this destabilizes the EU all the better from Turkey’s POV.

    Or the immigrants can come by sea and how are those to be stopped? Are the various EU navies going to fire on small boats with photogenic children aboard?

    The right answer, and the humane answer, would have been for the West to intervene militarily in Syria years ago to stabilize the situation and prevent a truly horrible humanitarian crisis. But today’s West has neither the courage, the political will, nor the military capability to do any such thing.

  • Jonathan_Silber

    May Trump’s temporary ban on more Muslims last as long as Europe’s “temporary” reinforcement of national borders.

  • Fifty Ville

    The problem with ebola is not worrying about how you’re going to keep more ebola virii out, it’s what’s going to happen with all the virus already infecting you. Europe, you’re doomed.

  • White Knight Leo

    That title gave me visions of Liberty Prime.

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