Abortion in America
The Abortion Issue Won’t Go Away
It has been 43 years since Roe v. Wade was decided, and today, despite the predicted snow storm, pro-life activists gathered in Washington, DC to demonstrate against current abortion law and practice, as they have every year since 1974. We’ve noted in the past that the media often does a poor job covering this event, and we’d like to mark its occurrence this year.
For some insight into why the pro-life cause persists—and continues, by some metrics, to gain ground—despite the shift towards “progressive” mores on issues like same-sex marriage, take a look at WRM’s post “Abortion: The Great American Exception”:
Ultimately, this may be due to the moral quality of American individualism. At its core, the value Americans place on individual freedom isn’t simply a rationalization for immoral and selfish behavior. There is a deeply moral belief in the transcendent value of the individual human being, uniquely and solely responsible to God and to conscience for his or her choices in life. Social restrictions on the freedom of individuals to choose are suspect; the goal isn’t a society of frightened conformists behaving ‘correctly’ to avoid social pressure. The goal is a society of mature and responsible individuals who freely choose what is good and right.
American individualism is predicated on a deep respect for human life. That respect is great enough to allow people to make choices that look questionable to many and to allow people to live out their own destiny in their own way. But that respect, arising from individual conscience and not mandated by churches or external forces, also applies at least to some degree to the unborn.
As a nation, America is both pro-life and pro-choice. Finding the balance on abortion is very much a work in progress, but the American experiment with unrestricted abortion has raised troubling questions that aren’t going away.
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