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The Coming Backlash
A Failure by Germany’s Elite
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  • Dale Fayda

    European ruling class – gutless, worthless turds.

    • Andrew Allison

      Compared to whom? Ryan and Mitchell, who just passed an absolutely outrageous budget? Pelosi and Reid? Emperor-f*ck-the-Constitution O? We are ruled by people who are at least, if not more, gutless and worthless.

      • Dale Fayda

        I wasn’t making a comparison. The US ruling class is gutless and worthless in their own “American Exceptionalism” sort of way, no argument from me.

        That notwithstanding, it doesn’t make the EU ruling class any less gutless or worthless. Just when I think they’ve reached the bottom of the “cowardice well”, they find new ways of plumbing ever more depths.

        • Andrew Allison

          Glad that we could finally agree on something, namely that the ruling classes of the EU and USA are equally gutless and worthless [grin]

        • IAEH

          Merkel needs to be thrown out, but by now, everyone in her party is too scared. She seems to have an awful lot of power. Reminds me of someone else in their history.

        • America was the greatest country on Earth. Unfortunately, our Constitution allows foreigners to invade us and dissolve our borders slowly. We were founded on multiculturalism and it will kill us in the end.

          What is Europe’s excuse? You’re simply giving your culture away!

          • JSirko

            Multiculturalism will never kill America, failing to teach and propagate American values will.

      • So maybe it’s better to say ‘globalist neoliberal ruling class’…

    • f1b0nacc1

      That is a gross insult….to gutless, worthless turds

  • Andrew Allison

    It does seem as though, taking Mutti’s lead wrt immigrants, the local authorities both failed to exercise proper police powers and attempted to cover up the assaults. The resulting firestorm will, hopefully, restore social responsibility. This is an outrage against the citizenry at large and both the Mayor and head of the police should resign immediately.

  • adk

    And here’s Merkel in 2010:

    German multiculturalism has ‘utterly failed’

    The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has courted growing anti-immigrant opinion in Germany by claiming the country’s attempts to create a multicultural society have “utterly failed”.

    Speaking to a meeting of young members of her Christian Democratic Union party, Merkel said the idea of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily “side by side” did not work.

    She said the onus was on immigrants to do more to integrate into German society.

    Also from the same article:
    One recent poll showed one-third of Germans believed the country was “overrun by foreigners”. It also found 55% of Germans believed that Arabs are “unpleasant people”, compared with the 44% who held the opinion seven years ago.

    So, had Merkel and the Germans collectively lost their minds between 2010 and 2015?

    • Andrew Allison

      Alternatively, perhaps Merkel was prescient in acknowledging that multiculturalism is a prescription for disaster. The failure of Europe and, more recently, the USA to recognize the lesson of the history of the letter (assimilation, not separatism) will result in tears before bedtime.

      • Gary Hemminger

        Or if not assimilation, how about basic education on the laws and cultural sensitivity. These people were admitted without a single thought to basic education. Talk about stupidity.

        • Andrew Allison

          Isn’t understanding (and adherence to) the laws and cultural norms the definition of assimilation?

          • Corlyss

            Not really. That’s just basic “I don’t want to go to jail” survivalism. Assimilation is when the non-native adopts the receiving culture as his own, no hyphenated crap.

          • Andrew Allison

            Then please explain the US fascination with Great Britain and its monarchy [grin]. I maintain that assimilation means acceptance and integration with, not necessary adoption of, the host culture (c.f. Italian-Americans, Polish Americans, etc.).

        • Corlyss

          Education is not the problem. These immigrants come from primitive tribal mindsets where men were allowed to do pretty much anything they wanted to women and society and the authorities would blame the woman. If the war had not interfered and forced them to Europe, they wouldn’t be there. They don’t want to be there. They don’t want to “fit in.” They want money and safety. For 15 years at least, longer in France, authorities have been telling the natives the problems are all their fault, and if they want relief, they have to stop doing things that annoy the muslims, like women bathing on a public beach, or Jews walking on the streets. Roaming gangs have been beating up natives on European streets for over a decade, with zero response from the native authorities. On top of that, the civilian authorities lie thru their teeth about the problem, and they cook the books to conceal the extent of the problem, and the elites refuse to report on it because all the European nations were once colonial powers. IOW the native authorities don’t care, period.

          • MisterEd13

            And, they have no guns with which to defend themselves.

      • adk

        Prescient or just making a reality-based observation? Whatever, in light of that, her role in flooding Germany and EU with million plus middle easterners is even more stunning.

    • IAEH

      Merkel definitely looks and acts insane, but the German people are not, they cannot believe it. Sure you have the usual liberal do-gooders and whiners just like here. But I have friends there and they are very upset and angry.
      Merkel lied to them for years to get re-elected and after that she let them have it. POW, right in the kisser..
      Her ‘Screeching Willkommen Kultur’ and Selfies with the migrants all over the TV infuriated the Germans. However they were told by Merkel any negative derogatory remarks about these “refugees” will get you arrested and procecuted.
      If this is not insane, I don’t know what is.
      And now this horrible disaster on New years Eve in many Cities. What a mess.

  • bottomfish

    It is hard for me to see how individuals can deal with a mob attack like this, other to take the law into their own hands.

    • Andrew Allison

      You raise a very interesting point: where were all the non-North Africans while this was going on? We have the same problem here, wherein spectators fail to intervene when the obviously should.

      • adk

        Where was the police? It’s not like it was done by a small gang in a no-go neighborhood…

        • Andrew Allison

          The police had their heads where the sun doesn’t shine (and as for the Mayor . . . .). My point was that surely there were non-North African men in the crowd. That said, we’ve had more than our share of violent crime spectating here.

          • IAEH

            Police had orders from above, way above, to stand down.
            Merkel didn’t want any of the immigrants to get injured.

      • ek ErilaR

        Why should they? Younger educated women are uniformly the most liberal, anti-white and anti-male.

    • iconoclast

      They heard too many times that (1) violence never solves anything and (2) the government will handle everything. Which is why Americans are so shocked when they read about Detroit Police Chief James Craig encouraging citizens to arm themselves.

    • IAEH

      There is no Free Speech in Germany and they cannot legally arm themselves.
      That’s how its done.
      We still live a great country, thank God.
      Hope we’ll keep it that way.
      Trump 2016!

  • Gary Hemminger

    I think the good Dr. (to his credit) might be underestimating the pull of multi-culturalism on the part of the elites and liberals. I am betting that if it comes to choosing to change the culture of the muslims to accept women wearing whatever they want vs. telling woman they have to dress a certain way around muslims, that most progressives (even the feminists) will choose multi-culturalism and start telling women they need to dress a certain way around their muslim populations. So the statement that “the ability of women, dressed as they wish, to walk wherever they wish without fear is not up for debate” may in fact be up for debate in the end.

    • ljgude

      It’s just common sense? Right? ‘-)

    • Boritz

      Clothing optional beaches and city parks exist in Germany so the issue is going to be not just dress but also undress.

    • Jim__L

      The irony is, if moderately restrained behavior (dress, sexual) norms had been maintained and society had had a common-sense approach to sex, marriage, motherhood, reproduction, etc, Europe would be demographically healthy enough to a) not need to invite millions of “guest workers”, and b) have the population to maintain its own culture in the face of a certain amount of immigration.

      As it is, the abandonment of values and perspective regarding sex is leading directly to the collapse of European society — and even some of the intermediate symptoms are pretty bad.

      Sexual mores of the later 20th century are simply a bad idea. The West can only endure if this is taken as common sense. Otherwise, say “Hello” to Sharia.

  • Gary Hemminger

    To expect thousands of immigrants muslim countries to understand the laws and culture of a country immediately without any cultural or legal sensitivity training is really naive. How is it that colleges and universities demand sensitivity training for their staff and students, but the government doesn’t demand the same of individuals coming from other countries? Very strange indeed. This is yet another oddity of multi-culturalism. We must be sensitized to the plight of our minorities, but immigrant legal and cultural sensitivity training is not considered at all.

    • Eurydice

      I don’t think most people understand what it really means to be from another culture. It’s like they have some romantic idea that it’s about exotic outfits and different kinds of foods, like the country pavilions at Epcot World.

    • Boritz

      Multiculturalism means all cultures are equally respected. There is no basis within the elite’s value system to desire that the new country’s culture be understood as the immigrants arrive in possession of a fully formed culture of their own.

      • Beauceron

        “Multiculturalism means all cultures are equally respected.”
        The problem is that is simply not true. Elites in the West value other cultures far more than their own, and they value “minorities” much more than they value whites.

  • Hard truths

    “Western liberal elites see themselves…as feminists” – Which explains why they are so idiotic.

    “Europe has just admitted large numbers of young men from cultures with aggressively different attitudes towards women.” But it’s all right as far as they are concerned, since its all in the name of the great god Diversity.

    “Authorities in Germany and elsewhere, as well as politicians, feminists, and other elites, are going to have to figure out, fast, how to talk and act about the clash of Western absolutes…with immigrant cultures, or many more problems may lie ahead.” It’s simple: throw the bastards out…at gunpoint if necessary. And while they’re at it, eject the elites as well.

  • Fat_Man

    Rotherham was just the beginning. The firey pit has opened in front of Europe, and they seem to be unable to stop themselves from jumping in.

  • Nevis07

    These people share our values, huh? Sure let’s let a bunch of people into our country just because we’re concerned about being called a bigot or a racist. As for those women that may be molested or worse, well too bad, I guess…

  • Jim__L

    I drive sober to accommodate the possibility of accidents if I were not in full possession of my faculties.

    This is common sense.

    There is nothing wrong with BOTH encouraging common sense, AND prosecuting men who commit sexual assault. Western Culture has existed comfortably with this point of view for centuries. I suspect that it is a prerequisite of civilization.

    There is so little common sense in politics as it is; why are we putting together twitter mobs against politicians who show a little?

    • werewife

      On my planet, “common sense” includes driving sober, but it does NOT include carefully covering myself so that only my face is visible in order to avoid offending or “tempting” men who profess a religion I do not share.

      • Jim__L

        When did Western Civilization include rules to cover all but your face? That’s a straw-man argument.

        I maintain that restraint (and proportion) are prerequisites for civilization.

      • Jim__L

        Here’s an article about a famous 1951 photo you may have seen, of an American woman walking down the street in Italy getting the attention of Italian men.

        An excerpt:

        “Men who see the picture always ask me: Was I frightened? Did I need to
        be protected? Was I upset?” Craig said. “They always have a manly
        concern for me. Women, on the other hand, look at that picture, and the
        ones who have become my friends will laugh and say, ‘Isn’t it wonderful?
        Aren’t the Italians wonderful? … They make you feel appreciated!’”

        Is this not a world to be missed, where the norm runs the gamut from playful gallantry to a chivalrous and solicitous concern for the woman’s wellbeing?

        Have norms really improved (or led to an overall improved situation) since this picture was taken?

  • Terenc Blakely

    European (or American left) elites don’t give a rat’s ass about their fellow countrymen. They are ‘citizens of the world’ so making barbarians feel welcome is far more important to them than protecting western children and women from rape.

    • ggm281

      It isn’t just Western women and children they are not protecting. It is also the women and children inside the shelters with them. Rather than arrest the men responsible (making clear that molesting and raping people is NOT allowed), stamping their asylum application ‘denied’, and putting them on planes back to their homes, they ask shelter volunteers to not report the crimes lest it rouse more “anti-immigrant hate speech”. So now not only do the refugee women know their safety and security is not of concern to government authorities, but the EU women do as well. Nothing matters but public opinion of the elected (and appointed) officials who back this globalist quest to end global poverty by importing as many people as possible to the West where they can exist off the taxes, and send an occasional money gift back home.
      And the whole scheme is designed based on the economic success Mexico had as 20% of its adult population invaded the US.

      • Tom

        “they ask shelter volunteers to not report the crimes lest it rouse more “anti-immigrant hate speech”. ”

        Link, please? That could be useful.

        • ggm281

          I don’t have it. It was from a EU news organization from this summer. A shelter volunteer went to the news outlet because the group she was volunteering with discouraged her from making a police report. When she complained to other volunteers, they told her other women (mostly migrants) had also complained of sexual assault (not necessarily rape), and of their kids being hit by other shelter dwellers, and were told “it would make the refugees look violent so maybe Germans would insist they go home. (nothing like threatening the victim she might be deported for reporting to police). Outlet investigated (might have been Swedish, UK, or Hungarian based cause that’s what I read most over the summer about the “crisis”) interviewed people at various shelters, and confirmed illegal behavior was indeed not being reported to police. Definitely wasn’t German, because writing “negative” stories about the refugees risks getting charged with “hate speech” or “inciting hatred” now in Germany.

          Anyway, shortly after story ran, Germany started separating families and women travelling alone from the single 17-25 yr old men where they had the ability to do so. Of course the NPO’s go angry at the “discrimination” as the shelters for women and families were smaller, less crowded, and offered more privacy. For people running for their very lives, these young men sure do seem to find a lot to complain about. The town they were sent to is too boring. The WiFi signal isn’t strong enough. There are no bars in the village. Why don’t I have my own flat yet. Sure don’t sound like people who have been living in a dire dangerous situation where “bombs fall on us every day”. And you’ think they be too busy trying to learn German or English so they can get a job rather than complaining about boredom.

          • IAEH

            I saw it too.

      • Why a plane, a container ship would be more economical.

    • Governments feed off of chaos. Soros is laughing.

      • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

        Soros and the Devil himself.

  • jim

    I guarantee the German governmental and media elites live nowhere near any immigrant communities and have no interaction with them of any kind.

    Just like in America!

    • adk

      A lot of poor immigrants, both legal and illegal, work as nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, etc for the elites. Trump employs “a lot of Hispanics” too who “love him”. So the elites do have some kind of interaction with immigrants, probably of a pleasant kind.

      • IAEH

        No comparison with Europe’s invasion.
        I would take Hispanics any time before these middle east invaders who have totally different culture and values, especially about women, also children.

      • Dan Kimble

        Trump is an elite only in the sense that he is wealthy. He created his wealth by creating services that people willingly buy.

        One nick name for him is ‘the Blue Collar Billionaire’.

        He is one of the American people ….he is ‘one’ with the American people.

        Hillary and Bill Clinton, on the other hand, are now worth well over 100 million dollars, and their Clnton Foundation

  • Blackbeard

    I tried to have this discussion with some liberal friends a few weeks ago. My point, which I thought obvious, was that there were major cultural differences between the west and the Muslim ME. I mentioned, for example, that public opinion surveys show that Muslims, by large majorities, believe that death by stoning was an appropriate punishment for a woman who commits adultery. The response was that we in the U.S. have plenty of people who reject evolution so really there is no difference.


    • When I was a “liberal,” the idea was that everyone should be free to determine how they want to live. Liberals of today have gone full moral relativist though.

      • I Detest Leftists

        Liberals of today have full Marxist. I don’t even call them liberals anymore.

    • life5678

      It is going to be interesting to see all these liberal EU women walking around wearing PIGSKIN leather pants, jacket, shoes and hat. Carrying around super-soakers full of watered-down pig blood.

  • Pete

    Europe is lost. They don’t even have the backbone to stand up to these semi-literate, useless arabs. Instead the fools want to import more of them.

    • Beauceron

      The US is no better. In fact, I would argue the US is much farther along than Europe in our rush towards cultural suicide (or murder, really).
      The altars we have created for diversity and multiculturalism in the US are for larger than those in Europe.

      • Tom

        We’re also much bigger than each individual European country, as well. Proportionately, we’re in much better shape.

      • phadrasjohnston

        Happy fella ain’t ya?

    • Curt A.

      Stand up to them with whom Pete? They don’t have the male population do it with. It is very likely ( given birth rates since 1995) that as much as 50% of the 18-20 year olds in Western Europe are Muslims.

      • Pete

        “Stand up to them with whom Pete?”

        Well, Europe might not have males, especially one with balls, but they do have wealth. So why not pay some good old boys from down South reign in the mutts for them? Heck, some of the Bubbas would almost do it for free.

  • Beauceron

    The US is no better than Europe.
    Look, for a variety of reasons– cheap labor for big business, Leftwing philosophy about race and nationality, white guilt, elitist classism– the West has been chosen for death. And it is going to happen and there is little of nothing average citizens can do about it, short of an actual revolt.

    • phadrasjohnston

      Actual revolt is much closer than you can imagine.

  • Arch

    Carry a squirt bottle filled with bacon grease.

  • Yancey Ward

    About Rotherham:

    By the time anyone put a stop to it, an estimated 1,400 kids had been abused

    And why does anyone really believe authorities have put a stop to it?

    • Andrew Allison

      Given that it was, in many cases, the authorities were the abusers, why would anybody?

  • rheddles

    It’s worse every day. Now from the Telegraph

    Ministers have said there is no evidence asylum seekers were involved in the violence.

    But the leaked police report, published in Bild newspaper and Spiegel, a news magazine, claims that one of those involved told officers: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

    Another tore up his residence permit before the eyes of police, and told them: “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.”

    A local newspaper reported that fifteen asylum-seekers from Syria and Afghanistan were briefly held by police on New Year’s Eve in connection with the sex attacks but were released.

    The Express newspaper quoted an unnamed police officer who said his squad had detained several people who had “only been in Germany for a few weeks”.

    “Of these people, 14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan. That’s the truth. Although it hurts,” he said.

    The newspaper quoted a second police officer as confirming the 15 who were held had “residence permits for the asylum procedure”. Officers took down their names, and they are in the police records, he said.

    If confirmed, the report will add new weight to claims of a police cover-up. The Cologne authorities have claimed they have no evidence whether asylum-seekers were involved.

    It is not clear why the suspects were released but police officers have said they were overwhelmed on the night.

    “When we arrived, our vehicles were pelted with firecrackers,” the report said. “In the forecourt and on the cathedral steps were a thousand people, mostly males of an immigrant background who were indiscriminately throwing fireworks and bottles into the crowd.”

    Even the appearance of police did not stop the violence.

    “Around 10.45pm, the station forecourt filled with people of an immigrant background. Women literally had to run the gauntlet through the mass of drunk men, in a way you can’t describe,” the report said.

    “We came to the conclusion that the situation threatened chaos or serious injury, if it didn’t lead to fatalities.”

    Police decided to clear the area but met with resistance and were “repeatedly bombarded with fireworks and pelted with bottles”. The report describes members of the crowd as having consumed a “massive” quantity of alcohol and other intoxicating substances such as cannabis.

    Police succeeded in clearing the area by around 12.15am but the violence continued as the crowd moved into the back streets.

    “Many women came to officers shocked and crying and reported sex assaults. Police forces were unable to respond to all the events, assaults and offences. There were just too many at the same time.”

    This doesn’t end well.

    • adk

      This answers my earlier question, where was the police? Actually, even without knowing the facts, I suspected they were outnumbered and overwhelmed. And perhaps not given direct orders to stop the riots.

      • rheddles

        More likely given direct orders to cover up the incident. But Cologne was so big they couldn’t keep it covered. Now it’s coming out that there were incidents in Hamburg, Bielefeld,Frankfurt and Stuttgart as well. From The Mail

        Today it emerged identical sex gangs are operating in neighbouring Austria, while more than 150 woman across five German cities have reported attacks.

        And in Switzerland, six women reported identical crimes in Zurich on New Year’s Eve, while Finnish police intercepted information suggesting similar attacks were planned.

        But Germany is cracking down of those who speak ill of Muslims.

        • adk

          Speaking of covering up, compare Mail’s reporting to that,eg,of the Washington Post. In WaPo, the first big headline on the story:
          Germany tackles hate speech against refugees, Muslims

          Prosecutors are launching investigations into inflammatory comments as judges dole out fines, even probation time, to the worst offenders. But critics call it an enforcement of political correctness, sparking a national debate over free expression.

          BERLIN — Donald Trump may be testing the boundaries of tolerance on the U.S. campaign trail. But here in Germany, the government is effectively enforcing civility, taking aim at a surge of hate speech against refugees and Muslims.

          As Western Europe’s most populous nation grapples with a historic wave of mostly-Muslim migrants, politicians and activists are decrying a rash of incendiary speech bubbling to the surface of German society.

          German authorities, meanwhile, have reached a deal with Facebook, Google and Twitter to get tougher on offensive content, with the outlets agreeing to apply domestic laws, rather than their own corporate policies, to reviews of posts.

          Smaller headline:
          German police report describes ‘chaotic and shameful’ night

          Roughly 1,000 men described by officials as being largely of “Arab or North African origin” had congregated in the square outside Cologne station that night, with groups reportedly breaking off to assault women. Victims described a sense of lawlessness that evening as criminals flouted the law even with police present.

        • IAEH

          True, you speak ill of Muslims, you get arrested. No joke!
          Read it in a German paper.

          • Betsy

            True in Sweden as well.

      • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

        A “no go zone” perhaps?

  • iconoclast

    “Then there’s the question of why the police didn’t do more to prevent the assaults from occurring during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. ”

    This sort of thing happens everywhere. Police in Seattle during the Mardi Gras riots were ordered to stand and watch young women being assaulted and the murder of a young man who objected. Since the violence was perpetrated by blacks the PC police chief decided to allow the crimes to occur. His consequences? He was appointed to be the White House drug czar.

  • Onkel Jerry

    So, now the elites fired the Police Chief. They canned the wrong dude. Merkel, Jaeger, Reker need to be removed. Problem
    is larger than we think. Why did Breitbart London have to break this
    story worldwide nearly in real time? Where was the Central European Press who were no-shows for days?
    Onkel Joe Goebbels rides again.

    • IAEH


    • Curt A.

      More like Pravda.

  • MisterEd13

    Germany fails in everything these days. Take the “renewable” energy policies which have impoverished millions, for instance.

  • Curt A.

    And where are the American feminists speaking out in unison at this outrageous violation of women? Europe is now staggering about like drunken moose, unable to recognize which way to turn. Where are the “menfolk” who will protect their women? Oh, they are practicing what they learned in “sensitivity class” about being non-judgemental.

    • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

      Western men are being scolded for being “men” and boys are being taught to be effeminate, along with being doped with drugs.

  • Tupatshakur

    One day years from now, the left who has allowed this invasion will look in horror at the world around them and wonder what went wrong. They will be out bred and their society will have changed demographically and as a result will have become more intolerant and violent. Their former western values will seem like a faded dream. As division and violence ensues they will turn to the right to save them from the mess they have created but do not accept blame for. The few remaining Germans who hold a sense of nationalism will be called on to fight the civil war of cultures in their own country and if they prevail, the left will hate them for it.

    • Curt A.

      They may hate them, but if the nationalists pevail, woe unto those on the left who opposed them. This time they will pay a price.

  • Germany’s ‘leaders’ are criminally insane they should be locked up immediately before they cause any further damage.

  • Stumpy

    It didn’t take very long for the schitt to hit the fan did it ?

  • FalseFlag

    This whole “assiimilation” thing tends to go against human nature. American expats, just for example, tend to form their own enclaves mixing only as necessary, you see this time and again. In a perpetually vibrant economy cultural differences can be papered over ( the rising tide lifting all boats ), but absent that scapegoats must be found with nativism/tribalism taking over and when that happens nothing short of bribery or an iron fist( dictatorship) will make people with radically differing cultural norms co-exist peacefully.

  • Last six words can be taken to the bank:

    “…many more problems may lie ahead.”

    Looks like the Slovaks, Hungarians and Poles represent intelligence in the EU (At least on the level of electing governments that look out for the national interest).

    • Curt A.

      I read an interesting article ( can’t recall where) around the time of Russia’s move against Ukraine. It mentioned other nations who might be in Russia’s “plans.” But it did state that Russia would be wise not tangle with the Polish military or Hungary’s for that matter or they might receive an unwelcome surprise. Reminds me of the old Cold War situation when theSoviet generals were faced with where to place the Polish army, either in front of them ( where they might join the NATO forces and shoot at the Soviets ) or in back of them ( where the Poles might fire into their rear ). Something tells me that no one would enjoy killing Russians more than the Poles and Hungarians. It is amazing that the survival of Europe in the 21st century might be in the hands of the East, not the “enlightened” West.

      • “It is amazing that the survival of Europe in the 21st century might be in the hands of the East, not the “enlightened” West.”

        I’m actually reassured by that, it’s clear that the elites of the core EU nations of Germany/France/BeNeLux are completely feckless. Let the Visegrad Group lead, they at least care about their own people.

        • Curt A.

          It might be more than that Paul. It is possible that the Poles and Hungarians are not willing to put themselves into a situation where as many as 40-50% of the 18-20 year olds in Germany/France/BeNeLux nations are Muslims. Western Europe will be done by 2030, if not sooner.

  • Steve Rodriguez

    All cultures in the Middle East are sub-human species. Assuming they even deserve the name human, you still have the dilemma of not having a reformation, renaissance, enlightenment, great awakening – any number of philosophical, legal and cultural events that would allow some type of modern intellectual reform.

    Despite being the cradle of human intellectual thought – Europe seems to be the test case as to whether secular free society is inevitably suicidal. Having disposed of Christianity, and squandered the 70 years of American protection, to simply wallow in hedonism and anti-American nutbagism, I am pretty share the Euro-leftist losers will choose suicide. Succumb to sharia, accept Russian adventurism, and kow-tow to the PC police. When you get rid of Christianity, you get rid of accountability. Moral relativism is an ugly ending.

    Thanks to our current occupation regime we elected – a combination of historical fate, white guilt, smooth PR, and illegals casting votes and voter fraud in swing states, combined with Soviet media whose anti-Christian beliefs drive them into the totalitarian spirit of the left, eschewing their constitutional duties of speaking truth instead to serve as the mouth-piece of the state……we are very close to the tipping point here. Are there more illegals, mothers without husbands, retards, and secular leftists in the academic world that outnumber normal human beings??? Combined with the voter fraud abetted by the local dim-witted Democratic County Supervisor of Elections counting the votes……are we at the twilight of the American experience? I would say yes. Sadly.

    What should have been done?

    1) never leave Iraq.
    2) Covertly wage war to defeat the nuclear aims of the theocracy in Iran
    3) NOT have ever gotten involved in Libya. Gaddafi had joined our side!!!
    4) Never have allowed Mubarak to be over thrown.
    5) Steadfastly support our friend Israel.
    6) Never entered into the Iranian nuclear deal.
    7) Bomb Syria and the Islamic state back to the Stone age. Meaning everyone gets bombed until there is nothing left.
    8) Round up all non-citizens and deport.
    9) Close the borders
    10) Require loyalty oaths of ALL US citizens who practice the Islamic faith.
    11) Get prayer back in schools.
    12) Start SHAMING wrong doing, not celebrating it!!!!
    13) Return to Clinton-era limits on welfare.

    That would be a start.

  • Hillary’s Southern Accent

    Throw them back into the sea.

  • dagot

    The media’s failure to report the story demonstrates their complicity in the mass cultural suicide going on in Europe.

  • Kneave Riggall

    “A” failure? You mean, “THE” failure.

  • Floyd R Turbot

    Those sign should have read “Gengen Common Sense”. Many of the issues that we face today, whether it is in Germany or here, whether it is Merkel or Obama could be avoided with the application of a little common sense. What is it about our “betters” that would lead them to believe that importing strangers from another land in large numbers is a swell idea. It is not working too well for Germany and it certainly didn’t work out too well for Kate Steile and many others that have been murdered over here.

  • Samuel Adams

    Are the German police not issued live ammunition? Seems that if a group of men are inflicting potentially grave bodily injury on women (attempted rape certainly qualifies), they can cease and desist or be shot.

  • Max Flasher

    I work with ( in Chicago ) many Assyrians from Iraq who grew up there. They are all astonished that Europe could be stupid enough to allow hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men to simply come in. One Assyrian I was talking to yesterday said many of these young men have probably never seen a woman, other than mothers and sisters, without a veil. Only a typically brainless white leftist could be too stupid to understand how disastrous this situation is.

  • Max Flasher

    Hispanics aren’t culturally different. I’ve worked for many years in Chicago with Vietnamese, Hispanics and Asian Indians and I’ve never had any sense that they’re any different from me. I once told one of the Assryians that it was odd that someone like him who grew up in an Arabic culture under Saddam didn’t seem to be any different from me. He said that even under Saddam they were quite familiar with the West so it wasn’t like there was great cultural shock when they came here.

    The Muslims though are different. Once I was on break and had just finished reading an article about how Muslim men abuse their women when an Indian Muslim with a long black beard walked by. I know him so I called him over, told him what I’d just read, and asked him if he beats his wife. I was just teasing him and expected him to say the article was a lie. Instead, he cheerfully admitted that he beats his wife “all the time.” He said if he says something to her and she ignores him he gives her a slap in the face. I told him he could be arrested for that. He said she wouldn’t dare call the police on him.

    Leftists would say not all Muslim men are like this which is true but it was clear from his attitude that in his culture this was perfectly normal behavior. It was strange to talk to someone who so casually talked about using his wife as a punching bag. I’ve always gotten along very well with Hispanics so I think we’re fortunate that our illegals are Hispanics rather than Muslims.

    • Betsy

      In addition, my experience is that Muslim women as well as men accept a culture of lying. It is why a babe in the woods like Obama can’t make a deal with Iran in which the U.S. gets anything but cheated. Muslims do not compromise. Islam means “submission,” in political deals as well as any other.

    • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

      Many Hispanics are Catholic, which means they have similar moral values. I grew up with Hispanics in the ’60s and we all respected each other and they came from solid families.

  • Dan Warren

    The real point is that both Europe and the other western nations are FULL UP of immigrants, as it is. We simply CANNOT afford any more welfare benefits on more millions of poor from the third world, as the bill is being put on OUR CHILDRENS’ accounts.

    (With $20 trillion in debt and up to $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities…..which will come due the same as debt…..EVERY American owes $690,000 as their portion of the government obligations….for a family of four, that amounts to $2,750,000……….and THAT is assuming that EVERY America pays taxes, which is NOT the case).

    Since we simply can NO LONGER afford deficit spending and borrowing, the obvious conclusion regarding immigration is that we can NO LONGER afford to allow the ludicrous open border policies which has allowed LEGAL immigrants in from poor third world nations, who get huge benefits in the form of welfare, loans to start businesses, and affirmative action in hiring, especially for government jobs. And, of course, the abuse of government paid benefits is obvious in terms of ILLEGAL immigrants.

    Thus, we simply need to RESTRICT IMMIGRATION….DRAMATICALLY, across the board, and STOP allowing immigration of poor, dependent people into our nation, which OUR CHILDREN will be the ones to deal with the debt accumulated for this EXTRAVAGANCE.

    What we need, as Gingrich suggested in 2012, is a return to the extreme tightening of immigration policy which we legislated in 1924, and existed until 1964. During this time, the American people were alarmed by the large influx of people from Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, which they felt was not as desirable as immigration from the traditional sources of immigrants to America, i.e. Northwest Europe. (BTW, my ancestors immigrated from Eastern Europe). With the frontier having closed, America no longer needed huge immigration to fill up the empty land, and the factories had been manned as well. Thus, labor was also likely concerned about the continual immigration of cheap labor.
    Thus, to institute a new, restrictive immigration policy, our government drastically restricted the total number of immigrants allowed, and further, set a maximum number of immigrants allowed for each nation per year, based upon the numbers of existing Americans whose ancestry came from these various countries. Thus, Britain had a huge allowed potential number of immigrants (say 80,000), even though the number of people from Britain WISHING to immigrate to the USA would likely NOT even come close to the quota. And, Yugoslavia, say, might be limited to a maximum of 8,000 immigrants, and might easily see the quota reached. For countries that had little, if any, prior immigration to the USA, they were allowed only a token number of maximum immigrants, of 100. So, Tibet or Chad would only be allowed 100 each possible immigrants.

    Thus, if ALL logic tells us that we simply cannot afford more immigration of massive amounts of poor from the third world, and we need to drastically restrict immigration, why on earth would we allow massive immigration of poor people from the Middle East, or from Muslim lands in general, where the culture is so totally antithetical to our western and American values and culture?

    Obviously, the HUGE EXPERIMENT with massive immigration of Muslims into Europe has PROVEN to be a TOTAL DISASTER. Muslim men have perpetrated a rape culture in Scandinavia and elsewhere, where none had existed prior to their appearance, they engage in lawless behavior (70% of the prison population in France is made up of Muslim men), and their children BORN and REARED in the west actively JOIN ISIS, knowing FULL WELL what ISIS is all about. Finally, scientific surveys of the Muslim nations indicate that majorities of the population have NO PROBLEM with violent Jihad against westerners and western nations. Even Muslims living in the west have significant minorities who agree with the Jihadi concepts.


    Put an IMMEDIATE Stop to Muslim immigration to the west, other than very specific individuals of obvious benefit to a nation, such as wealthy businessmen or noted scientists, etc.

    Begin deportation of Muslim troublemakers (and other immigrant trouble makers), including their extended families, which if nothing else, will place a burden upon their families to monitor the activities of any black sheep in the family.

    Refashion immigration policy so that it is very restrictive, allows in only those individuals who will benefit society, and will place the interests of the native born population FIRST, in terms of job availability, wage rates, working conditions, controlling needless welfare benefits to immigrants, etc.

    Reform welfare laws so that welfare is simply not allowed for people who refuse to work and take available jobs, and force employers to find American workers to fill their jobs, rather than take the easy way out by hiring foreigners at cheap wages for all types of jobs, from technical jobs to truck driving jobs. If we cut off this source of CHEAP, captive labor, wages and working conditions will be rising for the American people.

    The American people have a RIGHT to control immigration so that the interests of the American people are placed first and foremost. We have NO OBLIGATION to accommodate the wishes of foreign peoples to immigrate to the wealthy western nations, and by doing so, gain an immediate dramatic increase in the immigrants standard of living, paid for by the taxpayers of these western nations.

    If we wish to help the poor of the world, we can provide the third world nations with advise and help in building a just, well governed society, where the rule of law is honored, and free enterprise and democracy will lay the ground work for the people of these third worl nations to begin the long process of building their own nations into prosperous, safe places to live and raise their families.

    The facts are that the third world is on course for an EXPLOSION of population. Africa is slated to grow to a continent of 4 BILLION people, in the decades ahead, and the birthrates in the Muslim world are huge. With the present UNSUSTAINABLE policies of allowing ALL who want to immigrate into the west to do so, the obvious answer for the poor of the world is to immigrate to the west. How can these EXPLODING populations be allowed to immigrate to the west without resulting in the TOTAL destruction of the ethnic heritage, cultural heritage, civil society and prosperity of these western nations. These are PRECIOUS heritages which MUST ne preserved, or they will be lost forever.

    • Max Flasher

      I have a friend from Guatemala at work who’s about 60 and who’s been here ( in Chicago ) for about 30 years. He once told me he’d been a teacher in Guatemala before coming here so he can judge pretty well the education level of another Guatemalan just by talking to him for a while. He said probably 90% of the Guatemalans he’s talked to since he’s been here have about a fifth grade education. White leftists love to complain about “growing inequality” but always ignore the fact that by blocking efforts to control immigration they’re responsible for it. Once one of the Assyrians told me that when he left Iraq he’d wanted to go to Canada but they wouldn’t take him because he had a bad heart so then he came here. So now when he falls over with a heart attack it’ll be up to American taxpayers to come up with the money to save his life. Why does this place have to be so incredibly stupid?

      We should control immigration, stop illegal immigration, stop this farce of a refugee program and drastically reform welfare but America is no longer enough of a country to do any of these things. Time will tell what fate has in store for us but we are extremely fortunate at least that so many of these people coming here really are very good people. Many are friends and I’d far rather live with them than white leftists.

  • cylde

    I do not know who the “elites” are, but i do know that this was brought on by socialists. Are socialists the elite?

    • Max Flasher

      For the most part, the elites are white leftists. Their God is Equality which to them means equal outcomes. They’re followers of a negative religious faith. Many people say ISIS can’t be following religion because it’s so evil but it’s simply a demonic faith. I think the same is true of our leftists except they’re more like Mao’s Red Guard than ISIS. They despise white people because too many whites are less than enthused about empowering Big Brother to solve our endlessly grinding racial dilemma.

  • TheHalfrican

    Male muslims don’t drink nor would they grope a woman they didn’t own or were related to. This unruly crowd had to be Amish or Mormon.

    • jessefan in chapel hill

      Nah, had to be Christian Scientists or Hari Khrisnas.

  • lukelea

    It’s all about the numbers. Such a massive influx of unvetted young males from clan-based societies in which women are sequestered was asking for trouble. Massive repatriation the only real solution.

  • jessefan in chapel hill

    I wonder how many Germans would now favor ‘Conceal/Carry’ laws after what happened in Cologne and elsewhere?

  • John Black

    stereotypical republican acting muslims loved by the left go figure. ha

    • Historybuff

      “stereotypical republican acting muslims …”

      Huh? Surely you jest… It is a democratic ‘muslim sympathizer’ in the white house causing a lot of our current problems.

  • If they really want to help Syrians, they should occupy the damn country for a century and run the government until they find a way to reconcile Islam with first-world values. It might even be profitable.

    But accepting all of Syria as refugees? … That is suicide.

  • David

    What is the surprise here? You let barbarians into your country and they behave like barbarians? What did you expect?

  • Betsy

    The only way politicians are responsive is for people to get really angry and threaten to toss them out of office. The problem in Britain is that native Britons are their usual polite selves, whereas the Muslims threaten violence if their needs are not met. Plus, for whatever reason, being called a “racist” appears to be a worse “insult” than any collection of Anglo-Saxon four-letter word variants the average 5-year-old now has in his vocabulary. That’s nonsense. Protecting the West for future generations is a gift to humanity, not in the least racist.
    Realists have to challenge these politicians. They are choosing to protect a violent minority with criminal or fraud behaviors instead of protecting the law-abiding majority. That is racism, it is immoral, it is unfair, and it is destructive to the future of the world. A world run by ISIS, Iran, Saudi, or similar people is hell on earth. You can’t have both them and us, so choose us.

    • Max Flasher

      What you say is true but the left ignores such thinking so there is no way to alter our present course. I think the only thing that might save us is science. In particular, this new DNA editing technology called “CRISPR-Cas9.” There’s a good YouTube video called “Jennifer Doudna: We can now edit our DNA but let’s do it wisely.” This technology is easy to use, cheap and effective so it’s already being used by scientists all over the world. We will soon start seeing the results of this, for better and for worse.

      My guess is that Israel is one country that’ll work on genetic enhancement. Their situation is desperate. Their survival is at stake. They have many good scientists so they’re probably already working on ways to alter the DNA to make their people smarter, healthier, stronger and beautiful. Everyone wants to be beautiful so they’ll no doubt toss that in too. I first learned of this early last year on the DrudgeReport ( Thank God for Drudge ). He always has the latest articles about CRISPR so watch for them there. This is by far the most fascinating thing going on in our world.

      • Curt A.

        Really? It almost sounds like the stuff I read in comic books as a kid. Where can I read more about it? In laymans terms of course, I only got a “C” in biology.

        • Max Flasher

          There’s a good article from last year called “First genetically modified humans could exist within two years.” There’s a lot of information available online plus this YouTube video “Jennifer Doudna: We can now edit our DNA but let’s do it wisely” is also very good. She’s one of the main scientists involved with this so she does a good job of explaining it.

          It does seem to pass most people by though. I was at my dentist a couple of weeks ago and we talked a little about health care stocks so I then asked her if she’d read of this new CRISPR DNA editing technology. She said “Why would they want to edit DNA?” I said to correct mistakes or make improvements. I was amazed she asked such a weird question. She’s an intelligent woman but this astonishing technology just sailed right past her. She had no interest in it so I didn’t push it. I read one article about CRISPR last year which quoted Jennifer Doudna as saying “Most of the public does not appreciate what is coming.” That sure is the truth.

          • Curt A.

            Inccredible. I’ll check it out, thank you Max.

    • Curt A.

      The way I see it, there is a 2 front war, one against Islamic Facism, the other against the Left. Both have to be destroyed, that is without question.

  • jondaly

    “Authorities in Germany and elsewhere, as well as politicians, feminists, and other elites, are going to have to figure out, fast, how to talk and act about the clash of Western absolutes (the ability of women, dressed as they wish, to walk wherever they wish without fear is not up for debate) with immigrant cultures, or many more problems may lie ahead.”

    More problems lie ahead. Duh.

  • Barry Nichols

    When I saw what was happening in France 15 years ago, I came back and told a friend that Europe was in for a world of hurt and sadly, since the US elite is very “Eurp-prone,” the US would follow.

    I am a criminal defense attorney and can tell you that we are on the same path of ignoring crime, usually sexual, in the name of not looking sexists. I would say that at least 80% of my child molest cases are Hispanic, and that is true for every attorney I know. Last month a friend questioned this, so I ran off the billing list of my last 20 cases and verified it. (I know it is not a great sample, but if someone wants to pay me for the time to go back 40 or 60, I would oblige.)

    The Moslems invading Europe are far worse than the Hispanics in the US, but the situation is very analogous. And the recent flow of a million from Syria, Iraq, and who-knows-where else, is disaster on steroids.

  • Tomas Pajaros

    You really can’t be a feminist AND favor tolerance of Islam. You just can’t. If you say you are, you are lying about one or the other.

  • lhfry

    If the victims had been homosexuals, the response would have been entirely different.

  • This is what happens when you have state-controlled media and a people cowed by a hectoring and scolding government.

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