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America's Next Foreign Policy
Pivot to the World

The U.S. military is asking to pivot back to Europe, in order to deter Russia. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Senior U.S. military leaders have proposed sending more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to build up the American presence and are stepping up training exercises to counter potential Russian interference with troop transfers in the event of a crisis with Moscow.

The new steps would allow for the presence of multiple U.S. brigades in Europe at any given time, increasing that number above current limits.


NATO countries are discussing increasing the number of troops stationed in members bordering Russia and putting them under formal alliance command. The next talks on that idea are likely to come in early December, when foreign ministers gather and begin discussing proposals to be formalized at a Warsaw summit in July.

Poor management of America’s foreign policy portfolio now means that instead of reducing America’s overseas commitments and responsibilities, President Obama—and his successor—will have to increase them. And because other countries now believe that the U.S. seeks to avoid risks and confrontations at all costs, we will have to deal with more confrontations as others test us.

This is exactly the opposite of what President Obama hoped his foreign policy would lead to, but it’s the entirely predictable consequence of the course he’s taken.

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  • Jim__L

    If Obama wants to nation-build at home, he needs to allow Civil Society to rebuild, by *backing off* the heavy hand of the Federal Government, especially the “transformative” (actually “disruptive”) Federal Government that is sidelining and marginalizing churches, traditional family, and other institutions essential to Civil Society. (Police, too.)

    He needs to read the Moynihan Report. Repeatedly, until he gets it. He needs to realize that there are some things only Washington can do (foreign policy, national defense) and some things that Washington does very, very badly (“help” families.)

    Once he reorients himself that way, the government can stop being so destructive and the country can start to heal.

    • rheddles

      He’s a third world dictator at heart. Civil society is contrary to his assumptions of how Amerika works.

    • Dale Fayda

      He will do nothing of the sort. One – it goes against everything he believes about this country with every fiber of his being; two – he’s gone in a year.

    • Andrew Allison

      You don’t understand. He is, in his own mind, the smartest guy in the room (country, world, universe?) and has no interest in anybody else’s opinion.

  • Fat_Man

    I am a defense hawk, but I am not in favor of trying to revive the Cold War defense posture. NATO created a welfare mother complex among European Governments about their national defense. Long before the US commits any resources to the defense of Europe, Europeans must show, by tangible steps, that they will defend themselves. And, they have done nothing of the sort.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Absolutely spot on. If the EUnicks aren’t willing to provide for their own defense, it is time to cut them loose and let them deal with the consequences. Europe is no longer central to American interests, and it is time that we acknowledge this and plan accordingly.

      • Andrew Allison

        As is usually [grin] the case, I agree. But realistically, we must give the eunuchs, er eunicks, time to adjust. Hence my suggestion that we significantly reduce our European military footprint and deploy that part of it that is actually useful to where it can be.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Not only do we agree (again? we have to stop meeting like this!….grin), but I believe that your proposed approach is more realistic. As I have said repeatedly in the past, perhaps the best way to handle this might be to simply withdraw from NATO (which would effectively dissolve it), and renegotiate bilateral agreements with those states that are worth the effort. Poland strikes me as an excellent place to begin…

          • Andrew Allison

            Always a pleasure, and my wife understands that our meetings are Platonic (in both senses) LOL. I don’t think we should precipitously withdraw from NATO because it might give Putain (if you take a look at his net worth, you’ll see that he is indeed getting paid very well for screwing his country) the wrong impression. We need, IMNHO, a transitional period after having made clear to the rest of NATO that it needs to pull it’s weight. Meanwhile, as you suggest, we should deploy that, probably quite small, part of our military presence in Europe which is actually capably of fighting, to the historical hot spot, namely Poland. This would, hopefully, convince the European countries currently “hosting” (that is to say being well paid for the presence of) our forces that we are serious.

          • f1b0nacc1

            More Socratic than Platonic, don’t you think?
            As for Putin, as long as Barry O remains in the White House, I rather doubt we have much chance of giving him the ‘right’ impression…

  • Blackbeard

    This is not the America that won the Cold War and will never again be that America. We lack the cohesion, the will, the moral confidence and the resources. We need to face the sad fact that Obama, and the forces he represents, have won. Europe is lost and a few U.S. brigades aren’t going to make any difference.

    • JR

      The battle is lost, no doubt about it. But the war goes on. How many had to die before Martel’s victory at the battle of Tours? Obama and forces he represents were victorious in Venezuela, and how well is that working out? Defeatism is for pu$$$%@#….

      • Blackbeard

        Bravo. Seriously, bravo. And you are right we must fight on.

  • Andrew Allison

    We already have far too many troops, complete with the usual bloated command structure, in Europe. Instead of adding to this monstrosity, we should redeploy the sharp end (if there is one) of the spear and burn the shaft.

    • wri

      Too late. Obama’s horse left the barn years ago and has no chance of returning in the next year.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Obama is the worst President in American History. Mark Steyn asks the question: “If Obama was an enemy of the United States, what would he be doing differently?”.

    • AaronL

      Yes I believe that when the full consequences of Obama’s actions and policies come to fruition , that history would judge Obama as the worst President in American History.

      Unfortunately I don’t think that there will be a civilization left around to write that history.

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