America's Next Foreign Policy
Pivot to the World

The U.S. military is asking to pivot back to Europe, in order to deter Russia. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Senior U.S. military leaders have proposed sending more forces into Europe on a rotating basis to build up the American presence and are stepping up training exercises to counter potential Russian interference with troop transfers in the event of a crisis with Moscow.

The new steps would allow for the presence of multiple U.S. brigades in Europe at any given time, increasing that number above current limits.


NATO countries are discussing increasing the number of troops stationed in members bordering Russia and putting them under formal alliance command. The next talks on that idea are likely to come in early December, when foreign ministers gather and begin discussing proposals to be formalized at a Warsaw summit in July.

Poor management of America’s foreign policy portfolio now means that instead of reducing America’s overseas commitments and responsibilities, President Obama—and his successor—will have to increase them. And because other countries now believe that the U.S. seeks to avoid risks and confrontations at all costs, we will have to deal with more confrontations as others test us.

This is exactly the opposite of what President Obama hoped his foreign policy would lead to, but it’s the entirely predictable consequence of the course he’s taken.

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