Italy and Bulgaria Reject GMOs, Science

Italy and Bulgaria opted to ignore science this week, banning GMOs in their borders. Italian ministers submitted a “request to exclude cultivation of all the GMOs authorised at an EU level from all of Italian territory”, according to the Italian government. Likewise Bulgaria’s Agriculture ministry sent letters to the Commission “[upholding] its position that Bulgaria should be free from cultivating GMO crops.”

Earlier this year the EU struck what it saw as a compromise between the Luddite anti-GMO movement and, well, scientists, allowing its members to decide to reject specific crops even after approval by EU researchers. With this decision Italy and Bulgaria join Scotland, France, Latvia, Greece, and Germany in snubbing GM crops—and the general scientific consensus that they are safe for human consumption.

This growing group of European nations all now share the dubious distinction of explicitly rejecting measured, rational evaluations of new crops in favor of green hysteria. Scientists have warned that this decision could come back to bite the countries in the future, for these technologies are going to be increasingly important in a warmer, more crowded world. No issue more starkly lays bare the hypocrisy of the modern green movement than GMOs. If greens were as interested in solving problems as they were in diagnosing them, they’d be the biggest champions of GM technologies. We need smarter green thinkers as badly as we need genetically modified crops.

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