Comparative Theodicy
Is Atheism a Specifically Western Phenomenon?

We know atheism in its Jewish or Christian context, as a rejection of the Biblical God. What would atheism mean in a Muslim, or Hindu, or Buddhist context?

Published on: November 26, 2014
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  • De Ha

    It means they don’t believe in THOSE gods. Duh.

    Just as we like to point out the contradictions in Christian mythology, Indian Atheists like to debunk Fakir magic tricks.

    The word “Atheist” is GREEK you idiot, and the Greeks were polytheists. So the idea of people doubting several gods at once is nothing new. Hell, you’re probably a stronger Atheist than I am. Tell me, do you completely deny the existance of Zeus, Thor etc? Because I merely think Zeus, Thor etc MOST LIKELY don’t exist because I haven’t studied those religions enough to be certain. I’ve studied yours though.

  • Whocares_386

    It might be true but in the East atheism is populer too. Just look at the China, Japan, Korea, Soviet Russia etc.. but in the East, atheists mainly led by an ideologie such as communism, socialism, Marxism etc.. That’s a bad thing for the humanity.

    I think that’s why atheism in the West more related with science because they reject those dogmatic opinions because they against the science. Even in the Turkey, despite religious government non-religious community is getting bigger.

    Look at the that article for further info:

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