Scientists Warn Europe To End Its Luddite Anti-GMO Stance, Or Else…
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  • Andrew Allison

    Our current crops bear about as much resemblance to their original varieties as we do to Homo Erectus. There’s nothing, animal or vegetable, living that isn’t a GMO. As note in the post, the science of GMOs is, dare I say, settled. The arguments against it are either hypothetical or outright misrepresentation. As near as I can tell the primary reason for Europe’s political objections is the competition for local producers represented by superior (and cheaper) products. Oddly, when there’s a threat like the European corn borer to a local crop or a clear commercial benefit, GM crops are suddenly OK. As of September 2014, 49 GMOs, consisting of eight GMO cottons, 28 GMO maizes, three GMO oilseed rapes, seven GMO soybeans, one GMO sugar beet, one GMO bacterial biomass, and one GMO yeast biomass have been authorised by the European Commission. Expediency, it appears, is the Mother of acceptability.

  • NECroeus

    I like to think the American Interest is a serious magazine, but wheneber they get on the topic of agriculture, they use the language of Fox News Channel. Why are these scientists so concerned about feeding the future population of Europe when all I read is that Europe’s population is dwinding. If it weren’t for all the third world people trying to immrate, some of these people – like the Italians – won’t be around in 100 years. European women don’t like to have babies. Aside from that, why so much oppobrium for people wanting to eat naturally grown food. If GMO food is so good, why do rich people choose instead to eat at expensive restaurants that serve these types of foods? Why don’t they practice what they preach?

    • Tom

      Because rich people like eating stuff that’s more expensive to maintain status. It’s dumb, but it happens.

  • Fat_Man

    “wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of agricultural technologies
    that could feed more with less, and under harsher conditions?”

    No. They really want to see people suffer.

    They don’t want to solve problems. They want to be problems.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Count me as one liberal who does not believe GMO plants are anything to worry about—-unless the financial side-effects of patents are allowed to go out of control.

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