Three Approaches to Social Liberalization
Rome, Canterbury and Moscow

As Pope Francis appears to be tacitly approving certain liberalizations in the Catholic Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury canceled the upcoming Lambeth Conference due to strong opposition from African clergy to the Anglican Church’s developing attitudes on gay clergy and bishops, same-sex couples, and generally tolerant attitudes toward homosexuality. Meanwhile, the Russian Orthodox Church seeks to “return Europe to its true self”.

Published on: October 29, 2014
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  • lehnne

    The social/religious pronouncements from collapsing cultures are of limited value except to sociologists.

    • Thirdsyphon

      If only that was true. Unfortunately, social and religious ideologies have a proven track record of driving real-world polities. If the Orthodox Church is returning to historical form and attempting to resurrect the “principle of autocracy,” the consequence might well be a string of autocratic leaders like Vladimir Putin.

      • lehnne

        the cultures referred to are not the same ones that resulted in the proven track record except in geography

  • R. Howell

    “The Synod was convoked by Pope Francis I”.

    I believe you mean “Pope Francis”.

    • Thirdsyphon

      To quote a memorable phrase from the article, you’re correct “as yet for now”.

  • Anthony

    “Of course the church must be influenced sooner or later by the change in sexual attitudes and practices in the Western world.” Quote brings to mind thematic similarity of last three TAI essays – secular social currents and their impact on doctrinal practices. Compels concerned to ask where will it come out and at what cost.

  • FriendlyGoat

    The Anglicans of Africa, unfortunately, have not fixed Africa. The Russian Orthodox Church, unfortunately, has not fixed Russia. If any fixing of anything results from efforts by the three subjects of this article, I’d bet on Pope Francis.

  • lhfry

    “Of course the Church must be influenced sooner or later by the change in sexual attitudes and practices in the Western world.”
    Perhaps Mr. Berger would tell us why this is so.

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