Nuclear North Korea
Top U.S. General in South Korea Contradicts Obama: North May Have Nuke Warheads
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  • Thirdsyphon

    To call North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs “proven” is to stretch that term past the breaking point. Pyongyang’s “nuclear detonations” and “missile launches” don’t tend to go as planned. If forced to choose, I’d rather be standing at ground zero of the intended target of such a missile than anywhere close to its launch pad.

    • CailinM

      Be careful what you wish for 🙂

      I’m inclined to think we’re pounded with a lot of conflicting information which, in the end, doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. Gets a bunch of chatter going, tho.

      If BHO feels undermined, he can always fire the general, right?

  • Jmaci

    Given Obama’s habit of under-playing bad news–al Qaida on the run, ISIS as a jv team, Ebola can’t happen here–the smart money should be on the general.

  • Kevin

    It would be dereliction of duty for a US commander in Korea not to be prepared for the North Koreans having a useable nuclear weapon.

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