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The Middle East
The American-Arab Partnership: It’s About More Than ISIS

The U.S.-Arab anti-ISIS coalition has invoked fresh worries about the potential for conflicts between values and interests. It doesn’t have to be this way; in many cases, a closer partnership presents opportunities to encourage political and social change in Arab countries.

Published on: October 27, 2014
Saudi broadcaster Turki Aldakhil is chairman of Al-Mesbar Center for Studies and Research in Dubai.
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  • lehnne

    This assessment like so many others regarding the Arab ME excludes reality in favor of sentiment, The nation-states of the ME were not generated internally but imposed as a consequence of WWI and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. The wealth and consequent influence of the Arab ME is not the result of their self-generated cultural, scientific, social and technical capital. The lacked the technology, equipment, transportation, These assets were imported. The wealth and influence of Spain during it golden age was also imported was from external sources. In that case as well as this one it was unsustainable. Astute observers will note similarities regarding to the development or lack thereof of the human capital of its populaces. The above may not be pleasant but at least it isn’t fantasy.

  • John Tyler

    It is difficult to square the notion of Arab “moderates” and modernization when all we see are Arab Muslim terrorist attacks, plane hijackings, suicide bombers and ISIS. Further, when provided the opportunity in free elections, the Arab Muslims of Egypt selected your run of the mill, fanatic, Arab Muslim Brotherhood Nazi, Morsi.

    And every poll taken of Arab muslims (and Pakistani as well) show that the MAJORITY !!!! are in accord with the goals of ISIS or wish the implementation of Sharia law.

    In Turkey, Erdogan is doing his best – and successfully – of undoing Kemal Ataturk’s modern Turkey.

    So, there is little to no evidence that the majority of Arabs wish to enter the 21st century; the 9th is just fine.

    Perhaps there are a very few, Western educated (was not Morsi western educated?) Arabs that wish their societies modernize, but certainly not enough to make a difference.

    And let’s not forget that it is Saudi Wahhabi that is the root of much of the Arab Muslim terrorism and murder.

    Here in the USA we have CAIR; another Nazi-Muslim bunch of pro-ISIS, pro-Wahhabi, religious fanatics who worship and support ISIS and would like to “ISIS” the USA. They come on TV and when asked to condemn ISIS, they jump through their pig-asses refusing to do so.

    Sorry, but Arab-Muslims have not progressed socially for 1000 years, and from all appearances, they have no intention of doing so. They have contempt for anything Western (excepting luxury items and oil extraction technology), Western values, mores, culture and ALL non-Sunni religions.

    Please, do us all a favor. Go back to the Middle East, N.Africa and Pakistan.

  • ljgude

    I like to believe there are effective moderate elements in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East, but I see very little evidence of it.

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