The Road to Damascus
Gen. John Allen: We’re Not Going After Assad
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  • jeburke

    I’d say the Shia tilt is no longer a perception but reality.

  • Sibir_RUS

    the Syrian government reported that by the end of 2013, the amount of economic damage caused by the military actions of the armed opposition (behind which are visible the ears of a donkey from Washington) reached 144 billion dollars, equivalent to three annual GDP of Syria.
    The U.S. must stop arming terrorists and start paying repatriation to the Syrian people.

  • qet

    Maybe this is just deliberate disinformation. You know, fog of war and all that.

  • Arkeygeezer

    “The U.S. has never really come to grips with the logic of the sectarian war now raging across the Middle East, or the relationship of a sectarian balance of power to our broader goal of stability.”

    I disagree. The U.S. has come to grips with the Middle East problems. We have chosen to stay out of it. Every alternative proposed by contributors to this blog involve the use of American troops as ground forces to take over this or take over that. The U.S. does not want to take over anything. Let the people of the middle east settle their own problems. We’ll deal with the winners.

  • Pete

    No matter how the neocons try to spin it, Assad is not a direct threat to U.S. national security.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The reason why this guy sounds so confused is because there is “NO STRATEGY” ,there isn’t some objective that once accomplished we could say we’ve won. This isn’t about draining the swamp that the Jihadists are spawning in, that strategy of changing Islamic culture by planting Democracy in the middle of Islamoland Iraq, was abandoned in haste by Obama when he refused to get a status of forces agreement and withdrew the American Military from Iraq. This also isn’t a strategy of “Divide and Conquer” which is what we should be using, where we sit back and watch the Sunni Jihadists focus all their resources on killing the Shiite Jihadists and vice-a-versa. What we have now is a typical leftist muddle of bombing and war on the cheap all to give the political appearance of doing something. All Obama and the Democrats really care about is looking like they are fighting without really changing anything or actually fighting.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Syria is presently ungovernable, even with the historical Assad in place. Syria is even more ungovernable without Assad. This is the unfortunate lesson we are having to learn again and again about these dictators. They are bad-ass people who keep a lid on Islamic chaos. As we notice. Iraq. Libya, Somalia and some others are in chaos. Egypt would be except for a new “Mubarak-like” Sisi.

    Neither George W. Bush, nor Barack Obama, nor the American people have correctly anticipated how this works in practice. We would have no plan whatsoever for Syria if we oust Assad—-even though he deserves to be ousted.

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