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EU Sets New 2030 Climate Goals
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This foolishness with accelerate the dissolution of the Euro and EU as high energy prices crush EU economies at the same time as Great Depression 2.0 is suppressing growth. Few business partnerships, cartels, or International groups like the old Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact, and ever survive bad economic times.

  • Andrew Allison

    Does anybody seriously believe that these pie-in-the-sky targets will be met? The low-hanging fruit has been plucked, and one result is that Germany’s emissions are steadily increasing as it burns more soft coal. The sky-high costs of alternative energy and threat of gas-blackmail from Russia can only accelerate the trend. Meanwhile, as Prof. Michta points out today, Europe would prefer not to defend itself or its allies.

  • Rick Johnson

    So much effort in pursuit of a pointless goal that does so much damage.

    The rest of the world should learn from Europe – DO NOT FOLLOW.

  • motoguzzi

    Are the greens intentionally trying to return Europe to it’s Feudal roots? A non-industrial, agrarian society would meet the emission goals but would the people want to live a North Korean lifestyle.

  • BobSykes

    Actually, the goal of the environmentalist movement is to reduce the world’s population to a few million paleolithic hunter-gatherers. Hansen was quite open about this.

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