Asia's Game of Thrones
Taiwan May Post Permanent Military Ships On Disputed Island
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  • It’s election season in Taiwan soon enough, and a certain Mr Ma has been “perceived” by most of the hawkish side of the Taiwanese opinion, as a political gullible at best, particularly where his dealing with PRC is concern; or at worse, he is thought to be a biddable stooge.

    Hence, this is his way of “polishing” his hawkish credentials; or at least trying to tickle the fancy side of the hawkish opinion in his island’s country just before the election.

    In other words, this is an overseas version of Speaker Tip O’Neill legendary dictum of “politics being all local”, especially the politics of the foreign policy.

    Consequently, I wouldn’t hold Mr Ma in here his feet to the fire, as if he had done something outrageous. After all, man got to do whatever man got to do, particularly when it comes to winning against his local political competitors. And, I am sure that every American (even those who think low electioneering politics must never be allow to influence foreign policy of a nation) will at least understand his motivation in here.

  • Corlyss

    Everywhere in Asia, after “The Pivot”, nations that used to depend on us are making their own arrangements for self-preservation. It will take a couple of years after Doofus leaves office for the Replacements to ramp up, and if the Taiwanese can get away with their plans, a friendly port would be useful for a revamped American defense policy.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Good for them, they certainly have a better claim than China which outrageously lays claim to the entire South China Sea, a thousand miles from their coast.

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