Bankrupt Healthcare
Medicare Enrollees Routinely Denied Coverage
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  • rheddles

    If politicians and health policy makers make health care cheaper

    And if pigs fly…

    Get real. Government doesn’t make anything cheaper. Competition and free markets make things cheaper. The more government gets out of interfering with a market, the cheaper transactions become. The more the government interferes, the more inefficient the market becomes.

    Rationing healthcare is not bearable if you’re the one rationed out.That’s why people work harder, to avoid being rationed out of as many transactions as possible.

  • Boritz

    “Insurers enforced “unapproved quantity limits” and required patients to
    get permission before filling prescriptions when such “prior
    authorization” was not allowed.”

    The Justice Department should jump on selective enforcement by insurers.

  • Andrew Allison

    It would be really useful if TAI would get it’s facts right when pontificating about health insurance in general and Medicare in particular. The problems described are, guess what, with the PRIVATEe insurance companies which provide Medicare Parts C and D insurance whose only interest is in profit. These problems are, in fact an argument for single-payer insurance. In order to prevent knee-jerks, let me emphasize that we’re talking about insurance, not the delivery of health care.

  • lhfry

    Angies List had an article a few months ago about the difficulty of finding a gp who will take a new Medicare patient. If you move from one part of the country to another, this can be a problem. The only provider that we would care to visit in rural Virginia that would take a new MC patient is an urgent care center. As Medicare squeezes payments, this situation will get worse. Medicaid recipients also face this problem.

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