The Middle East
Iraq Circles the Drain
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  • Don Schilling

    there is less and less evidence of any entity that can be meaningfully called the nation state of Iraq.

    Was there really ever? A made up cobbled together mishmash drawn on a map after WWI, it was never more than a holding cell for three tribes that shared only their hatred for the ‘others’. As much as it pains me to say it, Biden may well have been right. We should have chopped it up with a section for each of the tribes, and a sort of DMZ with per-capita shared revenues from the major oil fields. Maybe if each group felt they had something to lose, and therefore a stake in the outcome, they might have defended themselves against the barbarian horde now knicking on their doors.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Why would it pain you to say that Biden might have been right?

      • Tom

        Because Biden is usually wrong.

  • jeburke

    I get the feeling that everyone is grasping for some reason why ISIS won’t take Baghdad, or can’t, or doesn’t want to. My take is that it’s insane to believe that an outfit that calls itself the Islamic State and is headed by a guy who has already proclaimed himself to be the Caliph doesn’t have the conquest of both Baghdad and Damascus as goals that yield in importance only to Mecca and Medina.

    As for their ability to do so, while Damascus is safe for the moment, due to the Assad regime’s resilience, the defense of Baghdad by the Iraqi security forces and Shia militias might well be swept aside in a new ISIS offensive. ISIS is consolidating gains, reviewing strategy and tactics, organizing its forces, and laying in munitions and other resources. At some point, it will strike.

    • Maynerd

      Assad’s regime is only resilient because Hezbollah, Iran, and Putin’s Russia prop up the despot.

      Ironically Iraq is being propped up by anti-US Iran and of course the feckless US – go figure.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The best strategy that the West can now embrace is that of “Divide and Conquer” where the west sits back and encourages the Sunni Jihadists to focus all their resources on killing the Shiite Jihadists and vice a versa. We don’t want to pick a side in this fight, as both sides are vile, both sides want the imposition of shariah law which legalizes the murder, rape, pillaging, and enslavement of anyone the Jihadists want to call infidels or apostates.

  • Arkeygeezer

    I think that we should pull our people out of Bagdad before we have another Saigon on our hands. Maybe we could replace them with the planners and strategists from Washington who do not believe that Bagdad will fall to the Sunni’s.

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