Castro's Momument
The Castro Legacy: Untold Thousands of Watery Graves
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  • Why are more people leaving Cuba now?

    I thought Raul Casto had loosened up Socialism a bit. Did he crack down?

    This seems good for the USA – Florida Cubans have started to forget how bad life was in their native land, and it will be good for them to be reminded.

    But I am curious, what has changed in the last year to increase outmigration?


  • Fat_Man

    I think the US should accept some blame too. We never should have let them stay in power.

  • William Heuisler

    Fidel Castro is in his Eighties. When he reaches room temperature we will be bombarded with stories. The Left will lionize him and try to make him into a hero. But, In honor of the hundreds of thousands he persecuted, this must not happen. The truth about Castro and his murderous regime must be told.
    Please look at my website or just look me up on Amazon. I’m a Marine recruited by the CIA out of Quantico’s Enlisted Instructor School in 1961 to rescue Cuban refugees and train them to fight Castro as part of “Operation Mongoose”.
    My book, “Mercenary’s Tale” tells the story of many brave families who fled Castro, and gives the truth about Fidel and some of the thousands he murdered.

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