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Just How Bad Is Ukraine’s Economy?
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  • Andrew Allison

    As if it weren’t already, this post makes it abundantly clear that Ukraine is incapable of pulling itself together! It is an oligarchy, not a democracy. The last best hope for the population as a whole is revolution — which pouring more money into the coffers of the oligarchs and Putin will do nothing to encourage; the next best probably the embrace of the Bear.

  • Fred Chittenden

    Cronyism has it’s price — No one but the “Bigs” are allowed to prosper…

  • lexnag

    There is more democracy in Russia than in Ukraine. Do you remember the old-time motto “divide and conquer”? This is about USSR. USSR should have been reorganized to erase ideological controvercies with the West, but never split. Now not only post-soviet countries but the West as well suffers consequences from the collapse of soviet block and American hehemony that followed.
    But Russia under Putin understands the fate of Soviet Union and clamped down on Russian oligarhs to force them to spend more money in the country and this created the movement under the fake name of ‘liberalism’. But Putin is rather national democrat than liberalist, while the so-called liberalists are simply fifth-column traitors of their own country. If Ukraine joined the Customs Union and consequently the Eurasian Union then economically this country would have won and would not have lost it’s territory, and would not have had major parts of its population in an ethnic and cultural bloody conflict.

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