Turkey v. Saudi Arabia
Top Turkish Muslim Slams Saudi Arabia for "Destroying" Mecca
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  • Fat_Man

    Why should we care what they do. The real monument to Islam is the millions of graves of its victims. The absolute best thing that could happen to their so called holy places is that they be burned down, plowed under, and sewn with salt.

  • jburack

    ISIS has put the concept of the caliphate back on the table. Perhaps Turkey is flexing its muscles in anticipation of a showdown with Saudi Arabia for the mantle, once ISIS is reigned in, which will certainly happen. Iran must also have some designs along these lines. All for what? Just the latest chapter in the relentless pursuit of division and marginality. Once their oil is gone or at least the monopoly on it wittled down, this will become clear. For now, it only endangers everyone.

  • FriendlyGoat

    All this means is that someone from a high place in Turkey is nuttier than we wish for any real progress to be taking place in Turkey. As long as Islamic details are considered important, everything of actual importance is in peril.

  • lukelea

    You’d think that meteorite they all worship would be condemned as shirk too? Definitely predated the Prophet.

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