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Iran is Not The Answer
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  • Arkeygeezer

    I never did understand the “nuke issue” with Iran. For 20 years we have been accusing Iran of getting nuclear weapons. Meanwhile China has them; North Korea has them; Pakistan has them; India has them; and the world has not become a nuclear cinder. If Iran wanted nuclear weapons, they could have gotten them long ago from Pakistan or North Korea. In my mind, this is a phony issue.

    • Andrew Allison

      The “nuke issue” with Iran is that they are fanatics who don’t care about, and in fact welcome, the consequences of their or, more likely, their surrogates’ actions. The other nuclear powers do care. Simply put, nuclear war between non-fanatics could only occur by accident, whereas with fanatics it’s inevitable. I could’t agree more about supporting the Kurds.

      • Arkeygeezer

        North Korea is not a “fanatic”? Iran is no more fanatical than either North Korea or Pakistan. The only reason any nation holds back on using nuclear weapons is fear of retaliation.

        • Josephbleau

          I have to take Iran at its word that Israel will become a radioactive waste land. I want no truck with such a clan and will never be free of the fleas I get from being their friend.

          • Arkeygeezer

            I don’t want them to be their friend. I want to help them fight with the Kurds against ISIS, so that our troops don’t have to.

        • Andrew Allison

          The point of my comment was that Muslim fanatics do not fear retaliation but welcome it.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Joining either side of the Jihadist spawning factions is utterly stupid. And treating Syria as Libya with more attention to the aftermath (which was stupid war on the cheap to begin with) is only a recipe for another failure. Obama has made a career of avoiding responsibility, blaming others for his failures, and voting present. He doesn’t have any plans or strategy beyond maintaining his own position. So how can he lead America to any kind of victory, when he has no direction in which to lead. Even in Libya, he was leading from behind, it was the UK and France that were the motivating force behind that failure, and Obama will blame them for it if pressed.
    In any case ISIS is getting headlines, but it is being blown way out of proportion. Think about it, modern warfare uses up material at an awesome rate, where are they going to steal more arms, ammo, and equipment? Enemies sit on all their supply lines, so they would have to pay smugglers prices for even the most basic needs. How long will they last? I think they will soon start fighting among themselves over scarce resources and then desertions, theft, and their many local enemies will break them like an egg.

  • PDQuig

    If “Iran” is not the answer, perhaps the wrong question is being asked? Here are some questions for which “Iran” is definitely the answer:

    Q: Which country is the worst state sponsor of terror and poses the largest threat to stability in the Middle East?
    Q: Which country’s military and energy infrastructure should be completely destroyed before they catalyze WWIII?
    Q: In which country was President Obama’s closest confidante and Svengali born?

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