Asia's Game of Thrones
China Woos Sri Lanka, Wins New Port City
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  • Anthony

    “…Xi is a leader who knows how to play the right strategies. Xi will create a new middle road for China, transcending East vs. West, democracy vs. authoritarianism, and left vs. right.”

    • S.C. Schwarz

      If only we had a leader like that. Or really, any leader at all.

      • Anthony

        Agreed. But one caveat, we have to become a little more honest about both what we can do (as citizens) and how democracy operates in United States.

        • Venkat Rao Dasari

          Please explain.

          • Anthony

            Short version : many of us who vote in U.S. )generally) do not vote our interests intelligently (maybe we don’t even know what they are). Equally,those of us who do participate are (again generally) motivated “against” something not actively working to achieve policy outcomes. We are ordinarily voting punitively rather than pushing a policy/legislative outcome preferred. Comparatively, few Americans step back and ask how does the American political democratic system work and for what purpose – what are the major forces shaping Democracy and how do they operate? I hope my precis has been helpful.

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