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Scottish Devolution Pledges Provoke a Conservative Party Backlash
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  • Andrew Allison

    While all three of the major party leaders signed on to this desperate attempt to sway the vote, Cameron has indeed made a terrible mistake. Even worse than the backlash from his own party, he has wasted political capital which might have been better expended by invoking the clause in the Edinburgh Agreement which requires that the result be decisive, which it seems clear it will not. Should the UK government decide that a narrow “Yes” victory is not decisive, it will be stuck with the costs both of overturning the result the result and delivering on the devo-Max promises made in the hope of avoiding it. Salmond wins either way.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Unlike some I hope the Scots vote for independence, they are significantly further to the left and get $1,600 more per person in welfare benefits than the UK as a whole, and their leaving would be good thing for the rest of the UK. At the same time having the Conservative Party lose its leadership will weaken them and make UKIP an even more attractive political party. If UKIP gains control they will leave the decaying carcass known as the EU, and take an ax to the UK’s big government reducing its backbreaking burden on the economy.

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