UKIP If You Want To
Tory MP Shocks Westminster with Switch to UKIP
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  • LarryD

    Sometimes a dilemma is irresolvable. The only way groups with significant differences can live in the same polity is if they live in seperate districts with considerable autonomity. This also requires they leave each other alone. Basically, the way the U.S. used to be.

    Without this, partition may be the only peaceful solution. If all sides are willing to let each other be.

    • Corlyss

      I’m not sure that is the case. Certainly seems to be so in many countries were communities are severely stressed and the state either is ineffectual or lacks complete domination of legitimate force, especially where ancient tribal animosities are lashed together as a result of the end of formal colonial empires.

      I think mutual need is the most durable link between disparate groups. That’s certainly seems to be the case for nations that engage in a lot of trade and particularly those regions within nations that actually deal with traders from other groups, like coastal areas. They’re so much more liberal, tolerant, and far less doctrinaire than landlocked and isolated places.

      The Left has made diversity an end in itself without paying due deference to the fact that idle tolerance is hostile to human nature without some supporting infrastructure, like need that smooths through rough edges of hostility to The Other.

      • lukelea

        Diversity is a bitch.

  • Maynerd

    UKIP’s rise appears to be at least partly a response to Tory europhile elitism and unbridled immigration.

    Currently, more than half the population of London consists of immigrants. London is booming with “oligarch” safe haven cash and cheap immigrant labor but that does not axiomatically improve the lot of the middle and lower classes. Intentional (or unintentional) wage suppression and rising rents in London are forcing many young, capable, and employed Londoners to live with their parents.

    Sound familiar?

    • Corlyss

      Unemployment among the 18-34 crowd is about as bad there as it is here. For years we could stand on a knoll and lecture the EU about its wretched labor problems, but instead, now with Doofus and his true believers running things, we have become them.

  • Corlyss

    I would certainly hope that UKIP can muster more MPs than the execrable Green party that at last count had one.

  • lukelea

    Isn’t it time we consider an across-the-board immigration moratorium (pause, time-out) until we can decide what kind of country we want to be? Nobody voted for what we have now.

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