Germany’s Energiewende: A Cautionary Tale
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  • FriendlyGoat

    I’m eager to find out whether inventor, Ronald Ace, has anything or not with his “heat trap” approach to solar energy. Some scientists who have confidentially reviewed his work say he certainly does, and he evidently feels sure—-since he has entered patent applications in some 140 countries. We may be only months away from the dawn of a game changer. Or not.

  • gabrielsyme

    What is most remarkable about the Green movement is not their sometimes-odd beliefs or principles, but their remarkable incompetance. The notion that the Energiewende was a smart idea is baffling – the notion that it is something worth boasting about indicates complete detachment from reality.

  • Whitehall

    Phooey on spending more R&D dollars (or Euros) on solar and wind. The issue is the BASIC physics of energy – alternates are too diffuse and unreliable to support industrial civilization! There is some room for improvement in the engineering but that same engineering is based on physics and gives us a very definite limit.
    In energy, concentration is GOOD and diffuseness is bad.
    But then, I see the hand of the FSB in convincing the German government into policies that require the purchase of yet more Gazprom product.

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