Ukraine's Future
Ukraine’s Refugees and the Difficulties of State-Building
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  • Duperray

    Oh my God, FINALLY some US media start to dare to unvail the truth: After 4 months slaughter of civilian population !!!!!! This is the effect of “Politically Correct” blindness. I guess Internet had a big weight in this sudden political line change, probably media to prevent be soon accused of “hiding the truth” and propagate top federals lies.
    Having formally approved and politically supported a hard regime immediately using heavy weapons against its own civilian population is a crime that even Hitler’s nazi regime has never perpetrated in Germany.
    The WH and Pentagon hypochrits made an impossible to remove blood stain on US national flag.
    Shall new Kiev government be “democratic”, facing an armed riot in Esatern Ukraine would have need only policemen units with hand pistols and light rifles. Of course milicia would not surrender (neither will their now), but besieging them around main public buildings, starving them quietly would have exhausted the riot by itself in weeks with foreign admiration.
    Now it is too late, far too much blood has been spilled over. Russian speaking East has no longer anything to do (even by federalism) with the West murderers. World opinion (up to now silenced due to politically correct moto) is to speak more and more loudly in favor of East and Putin will recover unexpected high fruit crop. Military option, even if overwhelming, is useless in front of a population supporting its fighters, even if illegal: Remember Vietnam 1975.

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