The Battle of Aleppo
Is Assad Turning on ISIS Near Aleppo?
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  • lukelea

    Portraying himself as the last hope against the ISIS radicals, rather than the oppressor of the moderates

    Who says those moderates will remain moderate if they ever gain control of Syria? Compared to ISIS maybe, but that is a low bar. Rather they will commence fighting among themselves while persecuting Christians, Alawites, etc.., not unlike what is happening in Libya.

    You don’t have to have the gift of prophecy to foresee this. It is the logical conclusion of tribal and clan based societies. Better stick with the devil we know.

  • Writt Woodson

    We should stop working against Assad. That does not mean we need to help him. Iran and Russia will help him. The US should shift its focus from Baghdad to Lebanon. The idea of reuniting Iraq is a pipe dream. The so-called Iraqi Army moved on Tikrit a few days ago and failed. Why spend billions to redraw a line in the sand (the old Iraq/Syria border)? We need a 2014 policy not a 2003 policy. The sectarian divides are realities. The Pakistan model should be adopted. Muslims and Hindus consolidated in 1947. The same thing could happen inside of Lebanon and Syria. — This is what I don’t understand. Has ISIS been moving goods across the border with Turkey for the past 18 months? Where does the Turkish government stand?

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